MAFS alum Jamie Otis applauded for proudly embracing her ‘squishy tummy’ and other flaws in latest video

Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis is praised for her body positive video on Instagram.
Jamie Otis receives praises on her video about body positivity. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis appeared in the first season of Married at First Sight when the concept was still foreign to reality TV lovers. She was matched with Doug Hehner, and nearly backed out of their wedding when they met.

The two had a roller coaster relationship on the show filled with multiple ups and downs. In the end, they chose to stay married and have since celebrated anniversaries, career moves, new homes, and babies.

Since appearing on the show, Jamie has been praised for her honesty and vulnerability which many fans find refreshing. As she continues to share her life with her followers, her relatability factor grows, and Jamie proves she is not just another reality TV star.

Jamie dances to a song about body positivity

In her latest post on Instagram, Jamie shares a message about body positivity and encouraging women, especially moms, to embrace the parts of them they believe are flaws.

She dances to a song created by social media star, Emily Vondrachek, which comically points out things like cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin around the thighs. Some lyrics from the song include, “Skin so stretched, tigers jealous of my stripes,” and, “Thighs clap when I walk to applaud the way I strut.”

In her video, Jamie is seen singing along to the song, while dancing and proudly showing off her body in a polka dot bikini. She turns around and wiggles when the lyrics state, “Cellulite won’t stop me from shaking my butt,” and grabs her stomach when the song says, “Squishy tummy so yummy.”

The message of the song focuses on confidence and embracing the changes bodies go through as women age, have children, and overcome different experiences.

Jamie, who has two children and has experienced miscarriages, has been transparent about the way her body has changed over the years. She has become an advocate for body positivity and encouraging others to embrace their bodies even if they feel they are imperfect.

Jamie’s followers love her confidence

After showing off her dance skills, Jamie’s followers flooded her comments section praising her confidence, transparency, and relatability. Her husband, Doug, kicked things off saying, “Love this and love you. Confidence looks great on you, and makes you even sexier than when I first met you.”

Other fans agreed with Doug. One wrote, “Love your confidence,” while another said, “I wish I had half your confidence!”

Fans of Jamie Otis compliment the Married at First Sight alum's video on body positivity.
Fans praise Jamie for her confidence in her latest post. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

The love for Jamie continued as fans shared their appreciation for her post. One follower said, “This type of video really does help others feel ‘normal.’ I just had my second baby a few weeks ago and am learning to love my new body [red heart emoji].”

Another fan added, “Thank you for making it okay for women to be a bit jiggly and squishy. You rock!”

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis receives compliments on her Instagram video,
Fans continue to share their appreciation for Jamie’s post. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

As Jamie continues to be vocal about body confidence and embracing flaws, her fans continue to thank her for being honest.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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