Jamie Otis talks ‘mixed feelings’ on Mother’s Day

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis talks about motherhood and defends body positivity in latest posts. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie Otis and her Married at First Sight husband, Doug Hehner, have two children, and Jamie recently celebrated Mother’s Day with family.

While there are a lot of joys that come with motherhood, Jamie also admitted to struggling with mixed feelings due to the complicated relationship with her own mother.

Jamie took to social media to share a vulnerable post, along with posting about her take on Kim Kardashian’s problematic diet practices to fit clothing.

Jamie Otis says she ‘wants as many babies as she can’ have

Jamie Otis took to Instagram and shared a video compilation that captured many special moments from her motherhood experience.

In Jamie’s caption, she expressed how she cherished being a mother but also had mixed feelings.

The MAFS Season 1 star wrote, “After becoming a mommy myself, I realize all my mom had to go through. I couldn’t imagine raising a baby by myself – let alone 5 of them! And then to have a husband who is incredibly abusive on top of it.”

She continued: “I genuinely don’t know how she made it though. But then again, when I look at my precious babies, I don’t know how on earth my mother could let weeks and months go by without calling me or my siblings back or even just leave us a simple message. Total mixed feelings? My mom told me once that we don’t need her anymore…but I don’t know if a person ever stops “needing” their mama.??‍♀️”

Jamie added, “I want as many babies as I can. I don’t have a family other than my siblings so I am growing my own little family. In a lot of ways I’m so thankful for my mom. She has been through a heck of a lot in her life and given that she didn’t have much of a support system, she did a great job raising us!❤️ Mostly, my heart hurts for my mom. She doesn’t realize how much we need her-and if we tell her she doesn’t believe us. She doesn’t seem to know how much we love her unconditionally.”

Jamie Otis opens up about unhealthy dieting

Jamie shared a video of herself in a crop top, hat, and bikini bottoms that showed off her stomach. 

Text over the video read, “Challenge: Eat only tomatoes so you can lose weight to fit in the dress,” with a dress emoji. 

Jamie mouthed audio, saying, “Oh hell no. That sounds horrible. It ain’t happening” while flaunting her body. 

The topic of eating tomatoes to fit a dress has been stirred up by reality television personality Kim Kardashian who revealed that she ate only tomatoes to lose weight and fit a Marilyn Monroe dress at the 2022 Met Gala. 

While many already feel Kim had no right to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress as it should have been kept and conserved in a museum, others also found it problematic and an abuse of influence that Kim projected unhealthy dieting methods for aesthetic purposes. 

Jamie elaborated on her thoughts on Kim’s comments in her caption.

The body-positivity advocate wrote, “I just can’t be bothered with fitting in the dress if it means I have to starve myself.??‍♀️ Have you ever tortured yourself to fit into a dress?? I used to CONSTANTLY. I dunno why we do this to ourselves???‍♀️ It was the cool thing to do before prom & everyone I know does it before their wedding…But gah, it’s so toxic.?”

The MAFS star continued writing, “Hearing Kim Kardashian say she basically only ate tomatoes so she could fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress reminded me of the days I’d count calories and burn off everything I ate.? I actually like Kim & no matter what you think of her no one can deny the woman’s drive and tenacity.?Buuut it honestly makes me sad that someone so influential is almost bragging about something so unhealthy & unrealistic for the most of us … there are so many little girls who look up to her and want to be just like her.”

Jamie Otis encourages Kim Kardashian and others to ‘do better’ 

Jamie expressed the importance of not glorifying and glamorizing unhealthy body image, writing, “We’ve gotta change this “norm.  We’ve gotta teach our children that clothes are meant to fit us & if they don’t fit it doesn’t mean we need to change ourselves. The only thing needing change is the size of the clothes.?”

The former MAFS: Unfiltered host continued, “In Kim’s defense, Marilyn Monroe is an icon and I don’t know how she’d be able to change the size of that dress. But laughing about basically just eating tomatoes so you can wear it. Yikes. Girllll, we gotta do better for our children bc they’re watching us & eating disorders are still such a struggle for so many.?”

Jamie concluded her caption with an uplifting message, stating, “If you’re someone who struggles with the yo-yo dieting and terrible thoughts of worthlessness bc of your size, I want you to know YOU ARE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE. Truly. ❤️❤️❤️”

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