MAFS alum Jacob Harder weighs in amid rumors that Zack Freeman cheated on Bao Huong Hoang

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Jacob Harder talks about the pressure of being in the public eye. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 has been quite messy and the cast has found themselves in serious drama both during the season and after the show wrapped.

One of the biggest MAFS Season 13 scandals had been about rumors that Zack Freeman allegedly cheated on girlfriend Bao Huong Hoang with several women in Texas. 

Knowing a thing or two about MAFS drama both on and after the show, MAFS Season 12 star Jacob Harder commented his thoughts on the matter and had a message for critics of the MAFS cast members as well.

Jacob Harder speaks up about the challenges of being thrown into the public eye

Jacob Harder commented on a post that was addressing Zack and Bao’s relationship and cheating scandal and his sentiments were liked by fellow controversial MAFS Season 12 costar Erik Lake. 

Under the post, Jake wrote, “Speaking from experience as cast we’re normal flawed Humans. I dunno what’s what and not my business, but taking the high road should not be frowned upon. Getting thrown out in the public eye, embarrassed, taken out of context…all while not being able to explain yourself f**** with you big time idc who you are.”

Jake then spoke about the public dragging that comes with being on Married at First Sight, writing, “And we get paid less than minimum wage in some states to put up with public dragging in silence. Soon after said dragging is then free. So to the critics wanting to burn the next person down at every opportunity please consider this.”

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Pic credit: @areaman30096/Instagram

Jake says even rival Chris Williams deserves to grow 

Jake had his fair share of conflict on the equally drama-filled MAFS Season 12. During the show, he’d often butt heads with ex-wife Haley Harris and then after the show, he had a public social media beef with notorious MAFS villain Chris Williams, where the pair even seemed willing to box each other. 

As Jake continued in his comment about the Zack and Bao situation he made mention of Chris Williams saying, “Not taking sides or anything, but even Chris deserves to learn from his mistakes and grow. One thing we don’t reward on social media is admitting wrong and accepting accountability and growing as a Human after…and that’s not on us, that’s on our societies Public Consciousness.”

Finally, Jake’s comment shared his underlying message about the way he hopes the public will respond when commenting and interacting in general and when MAFS stars are in the wake of embarrassing and challenging seasons. 

Jake expressed, “Be better if you want to see better. And again not saying we shouldn’t critique, but there’s limits and other paths should be considered more often imo.”

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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