MAFS: Jacob Harder challenges Chris Williams to a boxing match

Jacob sits in a chair with a pensive expression
Jacob Harder gets candid on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12 may have wrapped up a while ago but the drama between the cast has most certainly continued.

MAFS’s most notorious Subway owner, Chris Williams, has been known to butt heads with most people including his ex-wife, Paige, his pastor, Dwight, and especially his fellow MAFS Season 12 costar, Jacob Harder

Chris and Jacob’s beef escalated recently and the two appear ready to take their fighting from verbal spats to physical spars. 

Chris threatens to expose Jacob 

Chris recently shared a series of 100+ posts on his Instagram story, threatening plenty of his MAFS costars as well as MAFS Season 1 star, Jamie Otis, and attempting to expose their alleged dirty laundry. 

Chris took low blows and made disparaging claims about the status of Erik and Virginia’s marriage, the appearance of Doug Hehner, and also tried to throw dirt on Paige’s integrity and character, while also being braggadocios about his financial success and impact on MAFS’s increase in ratings. 

Unsurprisingly, Chris brought up Jacob’s name in the rant and warned Jake that he’s only sparing him because of his “accountability” and that he has dirt on Jake that was allegedly provided by Jake’s exes. 

Chris warns Jake not to try him
Chris reveals he has dirt on Jake Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris then shared a text exchange he had with Jake before the reunion, where Chris asked Jake if he would be peaceful at the reunion because Chris didn’t want to walk into a war zone, having already taken issue with prior comments Jacob made on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered. 

Jacob explained that he had no plans to be aggressive at the reunion but he would be honest — and honest he most certainly was. During the reunion, Jake said Chris was probably the most hated man in Georgia.

Jacob reacts to Chris going off on social media

Wanting to give his take on everything, Jacob made a video feeling more amused than anything about Chris and his antics.

He then made another video after Chris continued to throw shots at him.

In this second video, Jake referred to Chris as “Lil Chrissy” and “Chrissy Tiegen” and he addressed the text exchange Chris posted. Jake questioned why Chris was too afraid to show up to the reunion and face him. While chuckling, Jake asked if Chris was going to just run out of the reunion as he did with Pastor Dwight.

Jacob then told Chris, “Just be a man. You make excuses for everything. You haven’t owned anything that you did. Nothing. Like just stop.” 

Jacob then took his challenging words to the next level when he told Chris they could set up a time to have a boxing match and “get paid to punch each other in the face.”

Boxing has become a common way for public figures to now handle their beef and Jacob appears eager to partake in the trend with Chris. 

Jacob told Chris that it would be fun and that he wouldn’t even aim for the head in the first round and would just do body shots. He also acknowledged that Chris may beat him but at least it would potentially squash their beef and potentially get them a nice hefty paycheck. 

In the video, Jacob tried to take digs at Chris by continually referring to his weakness as being “feminine energy” which naturally rubbed some women the wrong way in the comments. Jacob’s explanation for using femininity as an insult was that it was solely regarding Chris and not meant to be a statement on women as a whole. 

Jacob also called Chris a “gossip queen” for sharing hundreds of posts on his story during his rant and expressed feeling like Chris was a hypocrite because he apologized to the cast for his poor behavior and then proceeded to attack all of them on social media. Overall, Jake made it clear that he thinks Chris is a “low testosterone” man and accused of him being fake and “moist.”

Jacob Harder fires shots back at Chris Williams
Jacob harder challenges Chris and his manliness Pic credit: @areaman30096/Instagram

Chris is open to fighting Jake

Chris clearly saw Jake’s video challenging him to a boxing match. He responded on his story saying that he’s down to do the ring fight but his one condition is that whoever puts on the fight pays him six figures. 

Chris Williams agrees to fight Jacob Harder
Chris Williams wants to be paid big bucks to box Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Considering Chris and Jake’s season of MAFS arguably produced the most drama of any season, there’s a high chance that the drama will continue and culminate with Chris and Jake having this boxing match. 

However, Chris has proven to be a predictably unpredictable loose cannon so the odds of their potential boxing match settling their conflict isn’t likely, and in fact, may cause even more issues. 

If Chris and Jake do agree to fight, will you be tuning in or are you eager to tune out the pettiness between these two men? 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime

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