MAFS alum Henry Rodriguez gives recap on San Diego couples’ honeymoon

Married at First Sight alum Henry Rodriguez gives his take on the newly married couples of Season 15.
Henry Rodriguez shares his thoughts on the new MAFS couples. Pic credit: @hrodrigueziv/Instagram

Fans of Married at First Sight may recall watching Henry Rodriguez get married during Season 11, which was filmed in New Orleans.

He was matched with Christina Croce and the two struggled to form a connection with one another from the very start.

While Henry was committed to being fully invested in the social experiment, he quickly realized his partner was not as open to making things work.

Since being on the show, Henry and Christina have gotten divorced and he has started a new relationship with his girlfriend, Kayla.

Together, Henry and Kayla have been watching the current season of MAFS which takes place in San Diego.

Now that the weddings are over, and the honeymoons have begun, Henry and Kayla shared their thoughts on each couple in an exclusive recap for People.

Henry Rodriguez shares his thoughts on the chemistry between the newly married couples

Each couple will spend their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. They will have an opportunity to get to know each other better through various excursions and will also meet up with the other couples for some group activities.

Henry and Kayla kicked off their recap by sharing their thoughts on Stacia and Nate. They both agreed that this couple appears to have strong chemistry with one another already. They did point out Nate’s eagerness to become more physical, while Stacia wants to wait until they have a deeper bond.

On their first day, Stacia and Nate rode ATVs and they both seemed to be enjoying the activity. However, instead of paying attention to his wife and creating memories, Nate was more focused on recording footage for Instagram. Henry and Kayla pointed this out and expressed their concerns about his actions.

Next, they discussed Miguel and Lindy, who spent a lot of time on their first day together talking about their previous relationships and views on love.

They both shared things from their childhoods that have affected the way they perceive love. Lindy felt her parent’s divorce was hard for her to deal with, and Miguel shared how he felt he never had a place where he belonged.

Henry and Kayla acknowledged the vulnerability in their conversations and hope it will be a tool to bring them closer together. They feel that Lindy is a bit more reserved than Miguel but hope she will soon let down her walls for him.

A few MAFS couples raised some red flags for Henry Rodriguez

When it comes to Alexis and Justin, Henry and Kayla could feel their chemistry immediately. They pointed out how the couple stayed close to one another and was often seen kissing when they were together.

However, Justin already sharing that he feels he’s in love with Alexis was a red flag for both Henry and Kayla. After Alexis didn’t return the sentiment, they said, “We wonder if he’s coming off too strong, too soon.”

They are concerned that Justin may scare off Alexis with his intense emotions and vulnerability, especially since she struggles to be as expressive as her husband.

Henry and Kayla had a lot to say about Mitch and Krysten. After the two went paddle-boarding, they had a serious talk about their wants and needs in a relationship. The conversation was going well until Mitch revealed he was not sexually attracted to his wife.

Mitch told her he hoped a sexual connection would naturally happen, but at the moment, he just isn’t feeling it. Henry and Kayla applauded Krysten for remaining calm in the moment. They also felt Mitch was sending out mixed signals since he later tried to have an intimate moment with Krysten.

They aren’t completely sold on Mitch and Krysten’s relationship, but hope they can find a way to deepen their connection.

Morgan and Binh were the last couple to get married. Their wedding was postponed due to COVID-19, so they did not leave for their honeymoon with the other couples. In the episode, viewers watched the two enjoy their reception and spend their first night together.

Henry and Kayla felt that this couple seemed comfortable with each other, and their families appear to enjoy each other as well.

As the episode ended, Morgan and Binh just arrived in Mexico, so viewers will see how they connect with one another and the other couples in upcoming episodes.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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