MAFS viewers call out Binh’s ‘mama’s boy’ red flags

Binh on Married at First Sight
Morgan and Binh were matched on Married at First Sight Season 15 in San Diego. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 saw all five couples officially get hitched. 

Morgan and Binh were the final couple to get married after COVID-19 led to a delay. 

The couple was pleased with their pairing; however, viewers noticed some concerns with Binh. 

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The recent episode allowed viewers to gain more insight into Morgan and Binh, as Binh lived up to his ‘mama’s boy’ reputation. 

Before the couple’s wedding, Binh spoke with his mother and made comments that rubbed viewers the wrong way. 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to call Binh out for exhibiting red flags in his conversation and relationship with his mother. 

Binh was accused of having red flags by MAFS viewers 

Before walking down the aisle, Binh told his mom to inform him if she didn’t like anything about his new bride and he’ll try to do something about it. 

The comment didn’t sit well with viewers as one tweeted, “Not Binh telling him mom to let him know if there’s anything about his wife she doesn’t like and they can work on it.” 

Another viewer tweeted, “Binh looks so adorable but I can’t get pass him being a cheap proud mama’s boy.” 

A critic commented with a red flag image as they wrote, “Wait, did Binh just say to him mom to let him know if she doesn’t like anything about his wife, let him know?” 

A viewer expressed Morgan may have unknowingly married two people, writing, “Chile Morgan marrying Binh AND his mama. The man said ‘if there’s anything you don’t like about her tell me and we’ll work on it.’” 

A MAFS critic tweeted, “Binh, I wish you would come to me telling me something ya mama don’t like about me thinking I’m gonna give enough of a damn. both yall could go to hell.” 

Another Twitter user wrote, “Here we go with Binh his mama and Morgan Chile.”

MAFS viewers think Binh is on the wrong show 

Several commenters felt Binh might’ve been better suited for TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy, with a viewer tweeting, “Binh is on the wrong show. He needs to holla at TLC.” 

One viewer noted potential roadblocks for both Morgan and Binh, writing, “Morgan has Daddy issues. Binh is still on his mama’s nips. This is gonna be just great.” 

Not all the Tweets were negative, as some expressed hope for Binh and Morgan after their wedding in the latest episode. 

A viewer tweeted, “This couple is gorgeous together and I hope Morgan and Binh have a successful marriage!” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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