Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler talk friendship following tense Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion

Are Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler still friends after Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion.
Madison and Georgia view each other differently after watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler are dishing on their friendship following a tense Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion.

There was something very different about Georgia and Madison’s interaction during the reunion. No, it was not because the chat was virtual.

Viewers quickly noticed the tension between the two friends, especially when Georgia didn’t agree with Madison regarding Jenna. The close bond they developed on the Bravo show was no longer visible.

Now both ladies are sharing what is really going on and if they are still even friends. The Daily Dish caught up with both ladies so they could each set the record straight.

What Madison had to say

After watching the show, Madison feels Georgia didn’t have her back as much as Madison initially thought.

“It was definitely hard for me to obviously watch the show and see that she’s kind of only being a friend to me when it was convenient or advantageous for her,” Madison spilled to the website.

Madison was betrayed by Georgia telling other crew members about her sister Paige being murdered. It was definitely not Georgia’s truth to tell.

When it comes to Jenna, Madison thinks Georgia was playing both sides. Georgia acted like she hated Jenna to Madison but then was pals with Jenna when Madison wasn’t around.

Despite being sad over Georgia not having her back the way she thought, Madison still considers her a friend. They don’t talk all the time but that is merely the way their friendship works.

What Georgia had to say

Georgia thinks Madison took a lot of what said, especially when it came to Jenna, the wrong way. She is also over talking about all the Jenna and Madison drama because it has all been said. Plus, Georgia has moved on from all the negative drama surrounding the Bravo show.

“I think Madison’s still upset about a lot of things that happened between her and Jenna. So, I know people want me to rev up and be with Madison and say that Jenna was awful, but we’ve said it. It’s already done. I don’t feel like I have to attack Jenna a million times,” Georgia shared.

Being in the middle of the Jenna and Madison drama has been difficult for Georgia. She felt like she had to walk on eggshells and was continuously worried about setting one of them off.

As for the state of her friendship with Madison, Georgia agrees they have an unbreakable close bond. However, Georgia is tired of everyone being upset at her. She feels it is best to let Madison cool down after the reunion drama before they speak again.

Georgia Grobler and Madison Stalker had an intense interaction on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht. They each have different opinions of the season but still value their friendship.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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