Captain Sandy Yawn shades Adam Glick during Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion

Captain Sandy Yawn shares thoughts on Adam Glick's cooking on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Captain Sandy is still not a fan of Adam’s. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sandy Yawn threw shade at chef Adam Glick during the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion.

There is no love lost between the captain and the chef after they appeared on two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean together. Captain Sandy and Adam have two very different work ethics and styles, which sometimes clash with one another.

They didn’t click during their stint on the Bravo show, but Captain Sandy still gave Adam a second chance after his first disastrous season. Although he did better the second time around, the captain and the chef still don’t get along very well.

What did Captain Sandy say about Adam at the reunion?

Captain Sandy popped into the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion to share her thoughts on the premiere season. Host Andy Cohen wasted no time asking her if she noticed a difference in Adam between Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Med.

“No, not really. I didn’t see any difference. I think Adam is Adam. So, what you see is what you get,” she shared.

Adam acknowledged that his former boss was right. He is who is and doesn’t attempt to be anything different.

It was a short interaction-Andy quickly moved on to asking Captain Sandy her thoughts on Captain Glenn Shephard sharing a cabin with engineer Byron Hissey.

Not the first time Adam or Captain Sandy threw shade

The reunion was not the first time Captain Sandy and Adam threw shade at each other. Neither of them has been overtly rude, but the two frequently make subtle digs at one another.

Early on in Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Adam implied that Captain Sandy was too hands-on with the crew. He said it was nice to work with a captain who “trusted the crew,” referring to Captain Glenn.

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Adam also said that while Captain Sandy didn’t hold him back, she did question his cooking abilities. The comment got fans riled up because they felt it was disrespectful towards Captain Sandy, who gave him two chances on Below Deck Med.

In a recent captain’s live chat with Captain Glenn, Captain Sandy referred to Adam as an artist.

“Some people are great at cooking. Some are artists. When you have an artist, sometimes when you come in on their creative side, they may snap,” she said to answer a fan question about her former chef.

Many fans felt Captain Sandy Yawn alluded to chef Adam Glick not being a good cook.

However, she explained that despite their differences, Captain Sandy thinks that Adam is a “good person and a great soul.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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