Jenna MacGillivray reveals true feelings about Madison Stalker after Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion drama

Jenna has strong feelings about Madison and their working relationship.
The drama between Madison and Jenna is still strong following the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Jenna MacGillivray has revealed feelings about Madison Stalker following the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion drama.

Viewers watched as host Andy Cohen brought up Madison and Jenna’s working relationship.

There was a lot of conflict between the two women all season, as they did not like each other on a personal or professional level.

The reunion got intense, with Jenna and Madison’s conflict taken to new heights. Madison was not pleased with how Jenna treated her and she confronted the issue. Jenna apologized, but Madison was not interested in hearing it.

Jenna is not responsible for Madison’s feelings

The Daily Dish caught up with Jenna to talk about the reunion and how she feels about Madison.

Jenna bluntly said that she is not responsible for Madison feeling excluded or bullied. She also stated that it wasn’t her fault that Madison felt her life was a living hell on the show.

“Like I said, we were all joking and laughing together all the time, and literally everyone but Madison and Parker were on board with that. We’ll continue joking around, and we weren’t joking about them. To be honest, I never excluded her. I didn’t have anything in common with her,” Jenna shared during a video chat with the website.

Jenna firmly believes she should have fired Madison this season. She thinks the only way there would have been no interior drama is if Madison was not a stew.

Over apologizing and ready to move past the drama

After the reunion, Madison and Jenna talked on the phone. Jenna thought it went well. Madison even accepted her apology.

The cease-fire didn’t last long and the conflict has resumed.

“Now Madison is still posting negative stuff about me on social media. She is liking the comments of trolls. She is reposting things that speak negatively about me,” Jenna shared. “I’ve never said anything about her on social media. She has done that from the start about me. So, it’s like, that’s not a good person to me.”

As for where the two women go from here, that is easy… they go nowhere. Jenna and Madison are never going to be friends. They will also never work together again, which was pretty obvious to anyone who watched the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion show.

Jenna MacGillivray is over apologizing and being portrayed as a bully because of Madison Stalker. The two ladies are like fire and ice. They will never be on the same page, and that is fine with Jenna. She does, though, wish nothing but the best for Madison in the future.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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