Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray blame Bravo show and social media for split

Below Deck Sailing Yacht stars Adam and Jenna say they split because of Bravo show.
The status of Adam and Jenna’s post-Below Deck Sailing Yacht relationship is complicated. Pic credit: Bravo

Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray blame Below Deck Sailing Yacht and social media for their split. They were brutally honest during the reunion show, which has fans hating on them even more.

Viewers have had strong opinions regarding Jenna and Adam’s romance. A lot of the dislike of the former couple is because they spent a lot of time condoling and bashing other crew members.

Adam and Jenna discuss their romance during the reunion show

Thanks to a fan question, Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion host Andy Cohen managed to get Adam and Jenna to discuss their relationship challenges. Adam was glib, and Jenna kept referring to Adam to answer questions, but fans now have a little more insight into the romance.

It is a double whammy of working together in tight quarters and having it filmed for television. Yes, it is precisely what they both signed up for. Jenna and Adam don’t necessarily see it that way.

“I think it’s hard to do it on a boat because everyone has an opinion. It’s hard to do it on social media because everyone has an opinion on it,” Jenna said. “It would be nice if he and I got to know each other outside of that.”

Adam referred to the Bravo show and social media backlash over their relationship as “f***ed up.” He is also no stranger to being in a romance on reality TV. However, because of his past experience, he knows the impact it can have on a relationship.

“It is so hard to get through it, particularly if you’re not shown in a good light,” he said.

The relationship is not over

Adam and Jenna are not a couple now, but their relationship is still complicated.

The fallout of the way they were portrayed on the show is something Jenna and Adam are dealing with. It is an added element they were not prepared for and are still sorting through after the backlash from the season.

Andy asked if there was a chance that they would get back together. Jenna deferred the question to Adam. He bluntly shared that he didn’t think that was anyone’s business.

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiere season has come to an end, with Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick becoming one of the most talked-about couples in the history of the Below Deck franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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3 years ago

Well then the solution is leave the show don’t put your business out there for everybody to see and then blame someone else for your problems

3 years ago

If it weren’t for the show they wouldn’t have gotten together in the first place ?