Madison LeCroy dishes on Southern Charm reunion, says ‘I feel great’

Madison LeCroy in a selfie.
Madison LeCroy filmed the Southern Charm reunion. Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy is looking forward to Season 9 of Southern Charm.

She filmed the Season 8 reunion just a few days ago, and it would seem that things went well for the beautiful blonde.

There’s been plenty of drama this season, especially between Madison and Austen Kroll.

The two were together when she joined the show, and their relationship played out during Seasons 6 and 7. It got even more complicated with the addition of Olivia Flowers, who is seeing Austen.

What went down at the Southern Charm reunion wasn’t shared, but Madison was able to talk about how she felt following the ordeal.

It looks like this time, Madison has a solid path into the next season should Bravo choose to renew the popular show.

Madison LeCroy dishes reunion resolutions

Madison LeCroy caught up with Us Weekly while attending a New York Fashion Week event. The reality TV star was there for Kourtney Kardashian’s line.

When she was asked about the reunion, the Southern Charm star said, “Honestly, this is the first reunion I’ve been able to walk out of and feel like [I’m] looking forward to the next season. I feel great.”

Although she felt great about how things went down, Madison hinted that now all of the drama was put to rest. She commented, “Listen, I’ll never get over anything, that’s not who I am. But I feel good and I will be able to sleep well tonight.”

She didn’t detail any conflict between her and her ex, Austen Kroll, or his new flame, Olivia Flowers. There will likely be some discussion about the dynamic, especially if another season is probable.

Madison LeCroy has a friend in Patricia Altschul

Despite all the group’s conflict, Madison LeCroy is still very friendly with Patricia Altschul.

She recently had a girls’ night out with Miss Patricia and even slept over at her home while Whitney Sudler-Smith was out of town.

Madison hasn’t been a part of the cast trips this season but has filmed her own storyline, including when her engagement to Brett Randle went public. That caused a stir among the men of the cast, especially since they learned it from watching her Amazon Live video.

These days, Madison is busy staying in shape for her upcoming wedding. Now that the reunion has been filmed, she has some downtime from Southern Charm. She will likely spend much of that time working out and gearing up for her fairytale day in November.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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