LPBW spoiler: Caryn Chandler says feud with Zach and Tori Roloff has been ‘painful’

Caryn Chandler of LPBW
Caryn is still saddened by the feud between her and Matt and his son Zach. Pic credit: TLC

During the first episode of Season 24 of Little People, Big World, Caryn Chandler opens up about the feud between herself, Matt Roloff, and Zach and Tori.

As LPBW viewers watched last season, Matt’s relationship with his son Zach was compromised when negotiations to purchase the north side of the farm fell through.

Matt accused Zach of coming into negotiations demanding things, while Zach accused his dad of putting his family aside to make a business profit.

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During the new season’s first episode, Caryn and Matt open up about the touchy subject during a joint confessional.

Caryn admits that amid their feud, she’s been trying to remain “respectful,” adding, “I’m hoping that it’ll just one day we’ll start to talk again, something will come up… I know Matt’s working on his relationship with them and as that foundation gets rebuilt I think it’ll be easier for us.”

“This whole thing has been very painful. Still painful. I miss the kids every day. I just… I don’t have the tools to fix it,” Caryn admits.

LPBW spoiler: Caryn Chandler misses Zach and Tori’s kids, says it’s ‘painful’

For his part, Matt admits that he’s “always hoping and wishing” that things will return to the way they were before.

“I’m happy with the progress that was made over the last couple months,” Matt reveals during a solo confessional.

During a coffee date, Caryn encourages Matt to talk with Zach, letting him know he’s sorry that their deal didn’t work out. However, Matt thinks the idea sounds like “poking the bear” and assumes Zach has gotten over their feud.

As Caryn points out, just because Zach has been quiet about it doesn’t mean that he’s gotten over it. Matt does take accountability for where he “went wrong” in the tiff, though, and is open to mending their relationship.

Matt Roloff’s sale of the north side of the farm stirred up family drama

Matt’s choice to list the north side of the farm for sale didn’t sit well with many LPBW viewers. Many fans of the show feel that Matt should have kept the entire farm in the family for generations to come. Others felt that Caryn heavily influenced Matt‘s decision to try and make a profit from selling the farm.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the north side of the farm is no longer for sale, as Matt has decided instead to convert and remodel the farmhouse and rent it out as an Airbnb.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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McManus Shirley
McManus Shirley
1 year ago

She said that Matt has accepted his responsibility in the tiff. What about her? She’s the main problem with Zach. She should have kept her controlling mouth shut.

1 year ago

Zach sure relied on ChaCha for babysitting for quite awhile. Should he keep his testosterone filled rants mouth shut, too?

Lisa Sperriko
Lisa Sperriko
1 year ago

I feel that Caryn should ok just stayed out of the whole meeting and let Dad and Son work it out.

Brandi Leighty
Brandi Leighty
1 year ago

She is a homewrecker she shouldn’t even have a place on the show