LPBW: Meet Amy and Matt Roloff’s 7 grandchildren

Matt and Amy Roloff share 7 grandchildren
Former spouses Matt and Amy Roloff share seven grandchildren. Pic credit: TLC

Since Little People, Big World first graced TLC’s airwaves in 2006, the Roloff family has grown. Here’s a look at Matt and Amy Roloff’s seven grandchildren.

Matt and Amy were married from 1987 until their public divorce in 2016. When they were husband and wife, Matt and Amy welcomed four children: twin sons Jeremy and Zach, daughter Molly, and their youngest son Jacob.

Zach and his wife, Tori Roloff, were the first of the Roloff children to welcome a grandchild into the family with the birth of their son, Jackson Kyle Roloff, in May 2017.

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Just four months later, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey Roloff, welcomed their first child and the family’s second grandchild, Ember Jean Roloff, in September 2017.

The next grandchild to join the Roloff brood wouldn’t come for another two years; Jackson’s sister, Lilah Ray Roloff, was born in November 2019.

Matt and Amy’s fourth grandchild, Bode James Roloff, followed Lilah’s birth in January 2020. Bode is the son of Jeremy and Audrey and joined his big sister, Ember.

Meet LPBW stars Matt and Amy Roloff’s seven grandchildren

The following year, Matt and Amy were blessed with their fifth grandchild, Mateo Tomas Roloff, belonging to Jacob and his wife, Isabel Roloff. Mateo’s first name is a nod to his grandfather, Matt Roloff, and his middle name pays homage to Isabel’s late brother, Tomas.

Matt and Amy’s sixth grandchild, Radley Knight Roloff, entered the family in November 2021, joining siblings Ember and Bode. Radley’s middle name, Knight, is a tribute to his grandma Amy, as it’s her maiden name.

The seventh and most recent grandchild to join the Roloff brood is Zach and Tori’s youngest son, Josiah Luke Roloff, born on April 30, 2022.

Molly Roloff (Silvius) married her husband, Joel, in 2017, but the couple has no children.

Of the Roloff’s four children, only one currently films for LPBW: Zach and his family. Jacob escaped the spotlight in 2016, with Molly following suit soon after. Jeremy and Audrey stepped away from filming for TLC in 2018, shortly after Ember’s birth, to “continue the work that the Lord has called” them to.

Only three of Matt and Amy Roloff’s grandchildren appear on LPBW

Zach and Tori’s kids, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah, are current cast members on LPBW. However, the other four Roloff cousins no longer film for the long-running series.

Although Jeremy and Audrey no longer film for LPBW, they still share most of their private lives with millions of followers on social media. Jacob and Isabel, however, have been the most private.

Jacob and Isabel made it clear that their son Mateo’s identity would be kept hidden. They shield Mateo on social media and have only teased pics of him without showing their son’s face.

Of the seven Roloff grandchildren, three are dwarves like Matt and Amy. Zach, also the Roloffs’ only child to be born with dwarfism, fathered three dwarves himself.

Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah were all born with achondroplasia, the same type of dwarfism that Zach and his mom Amy have. Jeremy and Jacob’s children are all of average size.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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