LPBW: Jeremy Roloff commemorates wife Audrey’s 30th birthday in sweet post

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff formerly of LPBW
Jeremy Roloff wished his wife Audrey a happy 30th birthday. Pic credit; TLC

Little People, Big World alum Jeremy Roloff wished his wife Audrey Roloff a happy birthday on her 30th with a touching social media post.

Although Audrey celebrated her birthday over the weekend, her actual birthday is today, July 19.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff celebrated over the weekend

Audrey and Jeremy celebrated Audrey turning 30 a few days earlier, with a country line dancing-themed party, complete with a makeshift dance floor and a dance instructor.

Jeremy’s mom, Amy Roloff was in attendance, breaking it down on the dance floor, as well as Jeremy’s brother, Jacob, and his wife, Isabel.

Zach and Matt missed out on the party as they were visiting Matt’s parents, Ron and Peggy, in California, amid their health issues.

Tori was also absent and instead chose to hang out at home with her daughter, Lilah. LPBW fans suspect she skipped out because Audrey is pregnant and it may have been too tough to handle, having just lost a pregnancy herself.

The former LPBW star wished his wife a happy 30th birthday in a thoughtful post

Jeremy took to his Instagram account to dote on his wife of nearly seven years and included two pics from the party over the weekend.

In the first pic, Audrey wrapped her arms around Jeremy’s waist as the couple posed outside in their western attire, including cowboy boots.

Jeremy shared a similar pic of himself and Audrey posing next to her balloon display as it got dark outside, this time with Jeremy’s arms wrapped around Audrey’s shoulders.

Jeremy praised Audrey for being herself

“! Happy 30th birthday Audrey ! Thank you for being an amazing and intentional mom for our kids. Thank you for loving me so well and working so hard. Thank you for being so down to earth and genuinely you. That’s one of the first things I was drawn to in you,” Jeremy wrote to his 928k followers.

Jeremy continued, “You are just yourself, comfortable in your own skin, authentic, not trying to be anything or anybody different – and because of that you draw people in because there’s a freedom there – as your sister and friends said at our wedding.”

“You’re the smartest person I know, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and the best thing that’s happened to me. I hope you feel loved and cherished today – as you are,” Jeremy added.

“If the rest is half as good as the half we’ve known, here’s hail! To the rest of the road. Help me cheers Audrey to the best decade yet?!??,” Jeremy concluded.

Audrey is due in November with her and Jeremy’s third child

Jeremy and Audrey are currently expecting their third child, due in November. The couple announced the pregnancy earlier this month by Jeremy tossing their kids, Ember and Bode, into the air before doing the same a third time, except with a sonogram picture.

Critics called Audrey and Jeremy’s pregnancy announcement “awkward” and a “train wreck,” and weren’t exactly impressed with their attempt at being creative with the camera.

Audrey and Jeremy just returned to social media after taking a month-long social media break. The couple claimed that they take social media hiatuses because they’re “healthy” and “life-giving.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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