Love Island USA’s next eliminations will come down to three Islander’s choices

Love Island USA's next eliminations will come down to one Islander's options
Isaiah and Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Tuesday night will see the next two eliminations from Love Island USA and it all comes down to three girls to determine who stays and who leaves.

On top of that, it will come down to where these three women choose, and who they pick that will inform that decision.

Two men will go home and here is what the big decision comes down to.

Cash and Aimee are in another triangle

Cashay Proudtree and Aimee Flores were both competing for one man at the last re-coupeling. They both wanted Isaiah.

Cash was recently dumped by Cinco for Trina, and she had to wait for the re-coupeling to find another man, or she might end up going home.

Aimee was with Jeremy Hershberg and she had just heard he said he considered her a friend. This hurt her feelings because Aimee had feelings toward Jeremy.

At the re-coupling, Isaiah Harmison chose Cash and Jeremy chose Aimee, and this really bothered Aimee.

Now, there are two new men in the villa and both Wes Ogsbury and Slade Parker showed interest in Aimee. However, Slade also likes Olivia and Wes likes Cash as well.

Cash also likes Wes, and she told Isaiah that she wanted to get to know Wes better, which rubbed Isaiah the wrong way since he realized she was putting him in the same situation Cinco put Cash in before.

Now, there is a big decision coming.

The next re-coupling

The next re-coupling is coming up fast.

There are three women who will decide who stays and who leaves the villa, and it all comes down to who picks first.

Here are our predictions.

If Olivia picks first, she is most likely choosing Slade, which will leave Javonny Vega without a partner.

This will leave Aimee and Cash, and who picks next will determine the fate of one other islander. If Aimee chooses first, she will pick Wes.

This will leave Cash to stick with Isaiah.

If Florita Diaz decides to pick Jeremy and dump Korey Gandy, this means Korey and Javonny will end up leaving the villa. If Florita sticks with Korey, it will be Javonny and Jeremy leaving.

If Olivia picks first but it is Cash who picks second and then Aimee, there is a chance that Cash will choose either Wes or Isaiah, with Aimee choosing the other, and the same situation laid out above will occur.

Now, the twist. What if Olivia picks last?

If Cash picks first, and she chooses Wes, Aimee has a different choice. She can take Slade instead of Isaiah. If this happens, Olivia will most likely stick with Javonny and then Isaiah, and either Jeremy or Korey could end up going home.

If Aimee picks first, she could shake things up even more. She could choose Slade because she doesn’t want to take away Wes from Cash. This would leave Jeremy or Korey to leave and it will then be up to Cash whether she will take Wes or Isaiah, and one of them will go home.

Here is what we think will happen.

No matter who picks first, we expect Florita to clip from Korey to Jeremy and we think Korey is leaving no matter what.

We also think that somehow Cash and Aimee will end up with Isaiah and Wes. Finally, we are picking Olivia to choose Slade.

This means Korey and Javonny will likely both leave this week.

Tune in Tuesday night to see who stays and who leaves Love Island USA next.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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