Love Island USA’s Aaron called out for ‘major disrespect’ as Casa Amor changes everything

Aaron Love Island Season 6
Aaron is in hot water with viewers after his Casa Amor actions. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA viewers were treated to the Casa Amor experience.

For the couples in the villa, it could change things for better — or worse.

When the boys were given the option to stay at the villa and remain in the couple, many believed Aaron would stay because of his instant connection with Kaylor from day one.

They were sadly mistaken, and he joined the rest of the men on the temptation part of Love Island USA.

While only bits and pieces were shown in the most recent episode, Aaron catches major heat from viewers.

It doesn’t look good for Kaylor and Aaron after what will happen in Casa Amor.

Aaron called out for ‘major disrespect’

This is arguably one of the best seasons of Love Island USA to date.

The connections, drama, and heartthrobs are there and making the most of every episode airing on Peacock.

Casa Amor is one of the show’s best twists, and now that it’s upon us, Aaron is failing miserably at connecting with the viewers.

After his interactions with Daniela in Casa, viewers took to Reddit to discuss what went down and the state of his connection with Kaylor.

One immediately called Aaron out, writing, “The major disrespect Aaron showed in this episode. Also how he was like ‘youre making this so hard for me’ HOW?!!!’

Honestly, after less than 24 hours together, we’d like to know how Daniela is making things hard on Aaron, too.

Someone else commented, “Aaron is gonna go for this girl realize his connection with Kaylor is better all the boys are gonna encourage him to go back to Kaylor she’s gonna see the movie night ball her eyes he’s gonna say he had to test their connection that’s what their here for blah blah and they’ll get back together calling it now.”

Kaylor will take the things that happen hard. She may not be able to return from it with Aaron, especially as someone else suggested it seemed like they slept together in the bed.

Comments about Aaron and Daniela
Pic credit: @u/bob2hot/Reddit

Aaron’s actions shock his Love Island USA friends

In the upcoming Casa Amor episode preview, Aaron and Daniela talked outside while Rob and the other boys sat on a swing.

The two kiss, and the boys are shocked by what they see. Rob warned Aaron not to do something stupid (we know, the irony!), yet he did it anyway.

Ahead of Casa Amor, Kaylor and Aaron were headed for the winners’ circle, and now, it seems they are headed for Splitsville.

Could Kaylor forgive him and move on? It’s possible, but if he did sleep with Daniela and brought her back to the villa, we anticipate a massive blowout.

Whatever happens will make the movie, and when it does, expect big emotions from several Islanders.

Love Island USA airs Thursday through Tuesday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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