Love Island USA update: Calvin and Moira call it quits

Love Island USA Season 2 couple Calvin and Moira split.
The first couple from Love Island USA split less than 2 months after the finale. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA couple Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas have called it quits.

Moira and Calvin came in third place on Season 2 of Love Island USA. Their romance was touch-and-go from the second Moira chose Calvin over James McCool.

They split up following the Casa Amor twist. When their new pairings fizzled out, Calvin and Moira gave each other another chance. They were even determined to make a real go out in the real world.

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Sadly, their hopes of happily ever after have vanished.

Why did Moira and Calvin break up?

Moira used Instagram Story to confirm what fans have speculated for two weeks. She is, once again, a single lady.

In an interview with People Magazine, Moira explained why they broke up. Reality TV fans can probably already figure it out, but the simple truth is their lives didn’t mesh.

“We just got too busy, our schedules didn’t match up, and the distance between us didn’t help either,” Moira shared. “It was neither of our faults, life just got in the way. I was sad about it of course, because I thought we might be able to make something happen, but we just had to make a realistic decision and move forward. We decided it would only be fair to ourselves to call it quits and go our separate ways.”


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Calvin lives in Utah, while Moira lives in New Jersey, making it challenging to build a relationship. She made it crystal clear no that one was at fault for the split.

Making it work outside The Villa

Moira admitted to the magazine that her time in The Villa with Calvin wasn’t enough to build a lasting relationship in the real world. She admitted they were only a couple for a little over two weeks on the show before real life set in.

Season 2 winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew, and runner-ups Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks, might disagree with Moira’s thoughts about not having enough time in The Villa.

The four of them are still going strong after leaving Las Vegas. Despite the distance, those two couples are making their romances work. Then again, fans knew Justin and Caleb were the real deal from the moment they paired up.

Johnny and Cely had more bumps in the road, but by the end of Love Island USA Season 2, viewers were convinced they would last. At least for a few months – which is a lot for a couple that met on reality TV.


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As of earlier this month, last place duo Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman were still together. She took a trip to visit her man two weeks ago.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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