Love Island USA: Twitter wants to save one specific Islander for Casa Amor

Love Island USA: Twitter wants to save one specific Islander for Casa Amor
Javonny Vega in Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans saved three of their favorite couples with a fan vote and those three couples saved one other pairing.

Now, there are three couples left on the block. These couples were split up into boys and girls and now the remaining Islanders have to choose one guy and one girl to stay.

The other four have to leave.

The six they are choosing from include two legit couples in Aimee Flores & Wes Ogsbury and Jeremy Hershberg and Florita Diaz, and one friendship couple where neither has a love option right now in Javonny Vega and Olivia Kaiser.

As far as fans on Twitter, they want the real couples all broken up to save a fan favorite in Javonny.

Javonny has become a quick fan favorite

Love Island USA fans have chosen their favorites this season.

The two that fans latched onto the most were Cashay Proudfoot and Korey Gandy, both Islanders who have been unlucky at love so far.

However, Javonny has joined that list. Thanks to his sense of humor and the fact that Olivia has been unable to deal with dating a funny guy, he has been on the outside looking in.

Fans also didn’t seem to like that Olivia was stringing him along and not telling him how she really felt. When she did, he seemed happier than he had been in a long time and wants to move on to find new love.

Love Island USA fans seem ready to help Javonny achieve that dream.

Twitter threatens to riot if Javonny leaves

Twitter loves Javonny and people there want to keep him even if it means splitting up Aimee and Wes to do so.

Fans on Twitter even threatened to riot if Javonny goes home.

“if they don’t pick aimee and javonny, im gonna stop watching.. im lying but still they better pick them,” wrote user @dinosletyeye on Twitter.

There are also fans that want both Aimee and Javonny saved, even if it means that Aimee loses the boy that she found a connection with, Wes.

“Pretty sure Javonny and Aimee are saved.#LoveIslandUSA they said this girl did everything right. It certainly wasnt Olivia or Florita. Javonny deserves a chance at love. Hes been himself,” @Coppercookie1 wrote on Twitter.

Watch Love Island USA tonight to see who the Islanders save and then prepare for Casa Amor on Sunday.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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