Love Island USA recoupling sends Connor Trott home – And he’s already planning reunion with Mackenzie Dipman

Connor called Mackenzie as he left the Love Island villa. Pic Credit: CBS

Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman are arguably one of the most toxic couples on this season of Love Island USA.

The two were coupled up from Day 1 and Mackenzie made sure the other girls in the villa knew he was off-limits.

Their first real test came with the arrival of Lauren Cooley. Connor admitted to a stronger physical attraction to the new girl and Mackenzie made a dramatic scene when America voted to set up her partner with the UK bombshell.

After his date, he was planning on returning to tell Mackenzie that he was open to getting to know Lauren. However, Mackenzie quickly took control of the conversation, and somehow that conversation ended with him asking her to be his girlfriend.

The next day, Connor was able to let her know that he wasn’t comfortable with the title just yet and wanted to wait to make it official.

Her head was turned

One of the biggest plot twists this season was Mackenzie bringing back Jalen Noble from Casa Amor. She said she owed it to herself to explore the other usual type she goes for.

Who can forget Connor walking back from Casa Amor with her teddy bear Gus, only to find out she chose another man over him.

Connor showed his character by only wishing her the best in her new couple and said, “I hope you find true love with the person you chose.”

The new couple’s time in the villa was short. Within a day, she complained to Jalen that he wasn’t focused on their relationship. Jalen saw this as a red flag, and unlike Connor, wasn’t afraid to let him know how he felt.

At the next elimination, Jalen and Mackenzie were sent home.

They plan on meeting on the outside


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hey y’all! it’s Mackenzie here. first off, I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who watched the show this season and shared in this wild ride with us?✨ if you saw tonight’s episode, then you know that Connor has left the villa…SINGLE!??? Gus & I have been patiently waiting for him on the outside and we cannot wait to welcome him home! We have missed him SO much. Second thing I want to say is…I understand that because Connor and I met and fell in love on a TV show, that a lot of people will have their opinions about us. And everyone is 1000% entitled to those opinions, just PLEASE please keep in mind, that the public has only seen a very small percentage of our relationship. Sadly, an hour long episode cannot capture the countless little moments that Connor and I shared in the villa. But this is just the beginning for us! And you have not seen the last of Gus either!? P.S. @connormtrott I promise to never complain about your farting again…that’s how much I miss you?? see you soon my love. @loveislandusa @cbstv #loveislandusa

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It was obvious that Connor was missing Mackenzie, which led to his eventual departure from Love Island. Upon his exit, he said, “Coming to Love Island I can honestly say that I was looking for love and to find that connection with someone. Leaving here now, I can probably say that I did find that with Mackenzie.”

Viewers knew he was happy to leave as he was seen FaceTiming her as he was walking out the door.  He felt it was his time and was having difficulty being in the villa without her.

While on the call, he asked her to try again, “If you’re willing to give me that second chance, in trying to make this work in the real world – I would be the happiest man alive.”

Mackenzie happily agreed and invited him to her home state of Arizona.

She reiterated on Instagram that viewers only saw a portion of their relationship on the show and that she has been patiently waiting for him to come home.

As for Connor, his sister revealed that she’s looking forward to meeting Mackenzie.

Do you think this couple will last on the outside?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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