Love Island USA fans reveal who they think will be most tempted in Casa Amor

Cinco and Josh from Love Island USA
Pic credit: Josh and Cinco from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA just sent home four people and broke up one couple, shaking things up on the show.

However, they are about to throw a wrench into things, even more, when Casa Amor arrives on Sunday night.

For newcomers, Casa Amor is a second villa on the island and the guys and girls will be split up and separated between the two villas. There will then be five new guys and five new girls, and the temptation will begin.

The Love Island USA app allowed viewers to vote on who they think will face the greatest temptation and who might be most likely to give in to the incoming Islanders.

Here is how the over 36,000 Love Island USA fans voted.

1. Jeremy – 27.7%

The top choice was Jeremy Hershberg, which doesn’t really make any sense.

Jeremy is single right now and there is no one he has his eyes on, so it won’t be a “temptation” for him, but his only chance to find someone so he can stick around on the island.

However, he is most likely to find someone new pretty quick in Casa Amor.

2. Josh – 21.5%

Josh Goldstein received the second most votes and this makes more sense based on the wording.

Josh and Shannon St. Clair have been together since the start, but he looked the other way early on, and while they seem to be close, Shannon said she didn’t think he would remain loyal.

Plus, Shannon has a friend in the new girls, although it is not clear if she knows it. With Genevieve Shawcross and Shannon St. Clair friends in real life, this could really shake things up with Josh.

Fans only gave Shannon 4.5% of the votes to give into temptation from a new boy.

3. Olivia Kaiser – 13.3%

Like Jeremy, Olivia Kaiser really won’t be facing temptation because she won’t be tempted to leave anyone, but will go to Casa Amor to try to find someone.

Olivia dumped Javonny Vega, which resulted in him leaving Love Island USA, and she needs to find someone or she will also leave the villa.

4. Korey Gandy – 11.5%

Korey Gandy is another person who won’t face temptation but will try to finally find someone to love.

Korey is a fan favorite and people want to see him find happiness, but that will also mean Cashay Proudfoot will need to find a new man if Cinco doesn’t return her love.

5. Cinco – 9.9%

Finally, Cinco Holland has a 9.9% chance to find someone tempting enough to lure him away from Trina Njoroge.

If he does find someone new, he will not only break Trina’s heart but also Cashay’s.

As for the rest, the Islander that people feel will face the least temptation is Kyra Lizama, who only received 0.8% of the votes. Will Moncada received 2.8%, making this the couple least likely to break up anytime soon.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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