Love Island USA fans declare Casa Amor a snoozefest and flop

Casa Amor on Love Island USA Season 3 was a bust -- Here's why
The Casa Amor twist for Season 3 didn’t hold a candle to the Season 2 drama. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans declare Casa Amor a snoozefest and flop as the twist wraps up on Season 3 of the CBS reality TV show.

Although a couple of steamy challenges played out in The Villa and Casa Amor while the OG’s were apart, the twist was pretty blah. The OG girls in Casa Amor had no interest in the new guys, except Cashay Proudfoot, who was ready to have some fun and forget about Melvin Cinco Holland Jr.

The OG guys weren’t much more entertaining, even though the new girls were all about pursuing a couple of them. Single guys Korey Gandy and Jeremy Hershberg were thrilled to mix with some new females. The rest, though, were predictable.

Will Moncada and Cinco’s heads were turned enough to do some serious making out with Flo Money and Leslie Golden but ultimately decided to stay with Kyra Lizama and Trina Njoroge. Korey chose Leslie, so hopefully, she will spill all the dirty details that went down while the OG ladies were at Casa Amor.

Love Island USA fans think Casa Amor was too short

The recoupling is done, and fans are not happy with the entire twist, which was only three days long. Twitter has been buzzing with viewer feedback regarding Casa Amor, with the consensus being it was too short.

Three days is not long enough to shake things up. The OG islanders should be apart for at least five days if the show wants a lasting impact on The Villa.

Several Twitter users complained that Love Island USA feels rushed since the Casa Amor recoupling already happened.

Perhaps production could tell the twist was a bust and decided to shorten it. The drama that producers expected clearly didn’t happen.

Love Island USA fans declare Casa Amor boring and uneventful

Along with Casa Amor being short, Twitter has declared the twist a flop. Social media isn’t hiding its opinion of the snoozefest that just played out on Love Island USA.

The recoupling was underwhelming, too. Twitter users wanted Carrington Rodriguez returning from Casa Amor with Laurel Goldman, leaving Kierstan Saulter single but got nothing.

Only three new couples are in The Villa thanks to the Casa Amor twist, and none of them seem to have staying power. Jeremy’s head will turn from Genevieve Shawcross the second a new ladies arrive. It’s his MO, after all.

Korey picked Leslie instead of Isabel Johnson, who really liked him. Leslie has one foot in with Korey but also has her eye on Cinco. Speaking of Cinco, the love triangle with Trina and Cash is bound to keep popping up.

Sure, Cash is with Charlie now, but she can’t seem to quit Cinco. If she gives Charlie a chance and leaves Cinco alone, Charlie and Cash could have staying power.

What did you think of Casa Amor?

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