Love Island USA fans blast Aaron, Kendall, and Kordell as explosive text changes everything before recoupling

Aaron Evans on Love Island USA.
Aaron Evans is getting dragged on social media. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA is having its best season, thanks to producers upending everything we thought we knew about the series.

Every twist has been unique and has taken the show in a different direction, making it a must-see TV show after a couple of ho-hum seasons.

With Casa Amor in full swing, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the girls are far more loyal than the boys.

Producers elected to shake up the dynamic in the main villa as Kaylor Martin and Serena Page wondered whether Aaron Evans and Kordell Beckham were being faithful to them.

In one of the most brutal moments in Love Island history, the main villa thought they were winning something good after beating out Casa Amor during a Fourth of July-themed competition.

Unfortunately, the reward was video footage of Aaron getting up close and personal with Daniela Ortiz Rivera.

Aaron has made a big mistake

Viewers know Aaron and Daniela have been locking lips over the last few episodes without a care in the world for Kaylor.

The footage wasn’t as incriminating for Aaron as it could have been. It showed him and Daniela speaking Spanish to each other and getting a bit too close for comfort.

Kaylor was understandably stunned.

She had been cautious about the Casa Amor twist because she didn’t want to derail her relationship with Aaron.

Now that she knows that’s over, will she cozy up to one of the new bombshells? It seems like a foregone conclusion.

Serena was similarly shocked to see Kordell with Daia in the footage, which will make things interesting.

Fans were up in arms over the Casa Amor drama

Fans were understandably gobsmacked that producers told the girls what the boys were up to, but some believe it was a ploy to encourage Kaylor and Serena to embrace new connections during the twist.

The pair had been sleeping outside to remain loyal to their love interests.

Another fan voiced their frustration with Aaron and Kordell by sharing a photo that they believe shows them being held back by police on the island of Fiji, where Love Island USA is filmed.

Another fan believed the producers of the Peacock hit took some inspiration from the infamous Jersey Shore episode with the letter to Sammi Giancola about Ronnie Magro’s cheating.

There’s no denying that the Love Island USA fans are a passionate bunch, and the two boys are not the only cast members on the receiving end of their words.

Kendall Washington — coupled up with Nicole Jacky — was cheering the boys on from the sidelines.

Thursday’s episode is set to feature the most dramatic recoupling in series history, with Kaylor, Serena, and Nicole coming face to face with Aaron, Kordell, and Kendall.

Love Island USA airs Thursday-Tuesdays on Peacock at 9/8c.

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