Love Island USA: Everyone who showed up at New York City reunion

Love Island USA cast
Love Island USA cast. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA Season 3 ended with Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy winning the fan vote at the end of the season.

However, many eliminated couples remain fan favorites, and they got a chance to see them all together one more time this weekend.

Many of the Love Island USA Islanders reunited in New York City and it included the OGs, most of the finalists, and even some alumni from past seasons of the show.

Here is who was there.

Cashay and Cinco at Love Island USA reunion

Cashay Proudfoot was a huge name this season on Love Island USA and she was front-and-center at the reunion.

Cashay went to Cinco Holland when she left the show and he showed up at the reunion as well.

Cashay posted a photo on Instagram of her and Cinco together in New York City. Also included in the photos were the two with Olivia and Korey.

For fans who love Cashay and Cinco together, there was also a pic of them kissing.

Trina, Jeremy, Florita and more at the party

Cashay shared the videos from the reunion on her Instagram Stories.

The videos included a look at quite a few of this season’s Islanders.

One had the Islanders at a party during the day. Cashay passed her phone to Trina Njoroge, who kept recording and showed Olivia and Korey there, as well as Jeremy Hershberg, Wes Ogsbury, and Florita Diaz.

The big thing is that there were also Love Island USA alumni at the party.

Cely Vazquez was there, along with Justine Ndiba, Moira Tumas, Aissata Diallo, and Ray Gant.

For those worried about Jeremy and Bailey Marshall, she was in a later video — this one at a nightclub.

This one had almost everyone dancing. It included Jeremy (with no shirt on), Charlie Lynch, Kyra Lozama, Will Moncada, Trina, Alana Paolucci, and Elly Steffen all dancing.

In the background sitting at a booth and trying to stay out of sight was Bailey.

There was also a video that showed Cinco hitting 200,000 Instagram followers while at the party (he is now up to 203,000).

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair also showed up at the night’s party.

Not at the reunion were the Casa Amor girls, as Kay Taylor said they were not invited to the big reunion party.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live the third season on Paramount+, streaming right now.

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