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Love & Hip Hop fans accuse Stevie J of participating in sex act during live interview

Stevie J and Faith Evans video
Stevie J is married to Grammy-winning singer Faith Evans. Pic credit: ©

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum Stevie J has been accused by fans of being at the receiving end of a sex act during a live interview with a reporter.

In November of last year, Stevie J filed for divorce from Faith Evans, and a video leaked of the estranged couple having a heated confrontation.

However, their relationship status is currently unclear as they appeared to reconcile after the divorce filing.

Faith appeared to be still living with the hip-hop producer in an interview about her appearance on The Masked Singer, but said she would not discuss her private life with the media.

Fans think Stevie J has a woman perform sex act during Zoom interview

The reality TV star appeared on Leah Henry’s series Leah’s Lemonade, but Stevie seemed distracted by something happening off-camera.

The hip-hop producer laid in bed topless as he performed the interview. When he was asked to turn the camera for a traditional face-to-face style interview by the host, Steve decided to show off his body instead. It was during this shot that a woman’s hand appeared to enter the frame with the Grammy-winning musician.

Henry burst out laughing when she realized that the Love & Hip Hop star was not alone for the interview.

“Why am I in bed with you right now?” she asked. “You’re a distraction. Pick the camera up,” Henry said.

“Where do you want me to take the camera to?” Stevie asked.

“That’s a distracting angle,” Henry quipped as a smiling Stevie J laid in bed and adjusted the camera angle.

Leah Henry continued the interview and went back to the topic about his appearance on Uncensored.

The 50-year-old described his body parts and called the host a “sl*tbag” after she complimented his son.

In the interview, he debuted a large tattoo of his wife Faith Evans and professed his love for her. It is unclear whether the singer is the mystery woman in the video.

Stevie J receives backlash for his topless interview

The hip-hop producer received backlash on social media for how he conducted the interview. Some suggested his actions were equivalent to sexual harassment or assault on Leah Henry.

“Stevie J was so disrespectful to the young lady interviewing him via zoom. Like why take the interview if you’re going to be shirt less and then ask another woman to suck your d**k in the middle of it? Sicko,” one person wrote.

“Stevie J getting his d**k sucked during an interview is some sick s**t and whether y’all wanna believe it or not it’s sexual assault…that young lady deserved better,” another added.

“Stevie j really violated that Girl tryna interview him . You can’t tell me that wasn’t perverted.”

Pic credit:@moniexlove/FatTimothee/KamiyahJean/Twitter

The host of the interview said she will address the Stevie J controversy on her podcast.

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