Love After Lockup fans slam Lisa McGraw’s new hair, think it’s just as bad as her extensions

Lisa McGraw
Lisa’s new hairstyle has Love After Lockup critics talking. Pic credit: TLC

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lisa McGraw has drawn criticism for her new hairstyle that viewers think is just as bad as her extensions on the show.

Lisa left prison with very short hair that she said was the result of getting into fights and having her hair ripped out. Her boyfriend at the time of her release, Stan, bought her several wigs that she never ended up wearing and instead chose to get extensions.

The extensions Lisa got were seemingly braided into her very short hair and the tracks for the extensions were visible throughout her whole head.

Lisa’s recent brunette locks are being equally judged by Love After Lockup viewers.

Lisa McGraw was criticized by Love After Lockup viewers for her new hair

One Love After Lockup fan page reposted a Reddit post that drew attention to the area of Lisa’s head where the hair meets her scalp. Glue or some other substance can be seen seemingly holding the hair onto her head.

The subject of the thread was, “I know she can find someone who knows how to fix this or show her how to do it properly!”

@youreroadchuckness added the caption, “Yikes” to the share.

The original post was a selfie Lisa shared on Instagram debuting her brunette hair with the caption, “Switching it up lol.”

Lisa frequently changes her hair and presents it on social media, but her brunette hair got the most negative attention.

Lisa’s fans in the comments were not on board with the new hair.

One person exclaimed, “Girl get a lace front! It’ll blend more naturally at the hair line. This one looks weird at the hairline lol.”

Another chimed, “It needs to be adjusted, girlfriend.”

While someone else commented, “chileeeeeee. Just stop with the lacefronts and [wigs] etc…”

Lisa McGraw's comment section
Pic credit: @lisa.mcgraw2021/Instagram

Lisa Mcgraw caught Stan Smith lying to her about talking to other women

Lisa could sense Stan was being secretive and shady so she decided to set him up by creating a fake profile of a woman he would be interested in.

Lisa sent a flirtatious and inviting message to Stan as bait and he immediately took it and wanted to meet up with the fictional internet woman. Minutes later, Stan arrived home to Lisa who was behind it all.

Lisa asked him if there was anything he wanted to come clean about or mention and he said no which was a blatant lie to her face.

Getting caught in that lie is what ultimately broke Lisa and Stan up, but not before Lisa walked out with $3000 cash and a bevy of things that Stan paid to get for her.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WETV.

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