Love After Lockup: Angela says she’s done with Tony for good after burning his pictures

Angela and Tony
Angela and Tony may be done for good as Angela made a public post burning his possessions and calling him out. Pic credit: WEtv

It looks like the drama has hit the fan once again in Angela and Tony’s relationship from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup.

Angela took to Instagram to profess that she is entirely done with Tony’s lying, cheating, and drug addict ways. Although this is something Angela has done a few times before.

In a fiery social media display, Angela burned a photo album of Tony’s that he kept while in prison that had pictures of Angela, his family, and other women in it.

Angela accompanied the video with an angry rant about Tony’s recent injustices and what she intends to do about them.

Angela Gail claims to break up with Love After Lockup’s Tony for good

Angela and Tony have had a toxic, emotional, and overwhelming relationship from the beginning when Tony was locked up, and it only got more intense and wild after he was released from prison and had his freedom.

Angela’s public breakup post on Instagram attempted to solidify to her followers that she was done with Tony and all the scandal and heartache he has brought her over the years. The post was not without a heavy dose of talks of revenge and spiteful intentions sprinkled in it.

The video Angela posted was of a pile of pictures and a photo album as she proceeded to pour lighter fluid on it and light it up with a match.

The caption for the wild breakup post was, “I’m on the move today getting rid of Tony from my life so I burned this and a few other things. Im not wasting a damn cardboard box to send him this s**t!”

She continued, “If it had any importance to him he would have gotten it before he left. Its his picture album he had while he was in prison… pictures of me and him… him and his family and some pen pal nasty pics of girls who was talking to him while he was locked up!! “

She further said, “I keep thinking he would confront me for talking about his mom and his addiction to her t*t but I am still waiting on the coward to show his face… maybe my hatefulness will keep him the f**k away from me when he needs something or goes back to jail!!”

Finally, Angela ended her thoughts with an intention when she said, “Im thinking about taking a trip to nampa idaho to get my damn car back!!! I do have a key and I do know the address!!! Hopefully he still has my 4k dollars he stole from me!!! I doubt it… he probably spent it on prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol!!!”

Angela Gail and Tony from Love After Lockup have broken up almost the same way before

Prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol have famously been the three things that have consistently torn Angela and Tony’s relationship apart.

Angela has burned Tony’s belongings in a similar fashion before.

Recently on social media, it looked like Angela and Tony’s relationship was in a good place, but that was apparently all a facade.

Angela has stated on her social media that the emotional abuse all of this puts her through is not worth it and that she feels like this breakup is absolutely necessary and that she won’t take him back again.

Love After Lockup airs on WEtv on Fridays at 9/8c.

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