Loren Brovarnik’s new tattoo sends a clear message to the haters

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik close-up
Loren Brovarnik shows off her new tattoo. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren Brovarnik recently got some new ink, and the wording is a clear message to the haters.

The Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days star has millions of supporters online, but she gets a lot of hate as well.

As someone very open about her life on social media, that doesn’t always go over well with everyone.

However, the mom of three can’t exactly stay offline even when it gets toxic because, as a social media influencer, it’s her job to post and promote brand products.

However, instead of combatting hate with even more hate, Loren is using a different strategy.

She posted a new photo on her Instagram Story and showed off her new wrist tattoo with the words “Lead With Love” written in black inside the shape of a heart.

“Today and every day,” added Loren in her post, as she tagged the tattoo artist.

Loren Brovarnik gets a new tattoo
Loren Brovarnik’s new tattoo. Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

Loren Brovarnik is still being accused of using Ozempic

Loren’s tattoo is a timely reminder that the TLC star is subjected to lots of criticism for putting her life in the public eye.

Recently she’s been the subject of accusations regarding how she lost the baby weight after giving birth to their daughter Ariel a few months ago.

People have left messages on Instagram that her drastic weight loss is a result of the controversial diabetes medication Ozempic– a claim she has adamantly denied.

The 34-year-old first responded to the claims in February, telling critics, “I am not on Ozempic,” but that didn’t stop the accusations.

A few days ago, Loren posted a mirror selfie, and once again, the trolls littered her page with Ozempic claims. Loren blasted one critic in particular and reasoned that those false accusations can ruin people’s lives.

She also sent a clear message in the hashtag of her post writing, “#NOTOnOzempic.”

Additionally, Loren also had to clap back at another troll who accused her of photoshopping her photos, after posting a cute image clad in a romper. One critic claimed she had photoshopped the space between her legs (seemingly to appear slimmer).

However, Loren responded to the hater and told her it was a bad look, but the criticisms didn’t end there.

90 Day Fiance star Loren Brovarnik gets criticisms about her marriage

Loren and her husband Alexei Brovarnik’s marriage is also a subject of scrutiny from trolls, and she talked about that in her latest Instagram post.

The snap showed a photo with Loren and her husband, Alexei Brovarnik, all dressed up for a date night, and she noted that it’s important for couples with kids to make time for each other.

“unfortunately a lot of people have criticized us for that,” admitted the 90 Day Fiance star. “We love our babies more than anything, but it’s important to remind ourselves that we can still have fun together and enjoy our date nights! ??.”

The cute couple is not letting the naysayers affect their marriage, as they looked quite fancy in their garbs as they got ready to spend some time alone.

However, now that the reality TV personality is spreading a firm message with her new ink let’s see if the trolls will follow suit and lead with love instead of hate.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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