Life After Lockup exclusive: Brittany deals with emotions surrounding her bio dad

Brittany in a Life After Lockup confessional.
Brittany has mixed emotions about her bio dad reaching out. Pic credit: WeTV

Brittany has a lot going on this season on Life After Lockup, and this week’s episode only adds to that.

Marcelino arranged for Brittany’s dad to come to Las Vegas for a visit, and she talks to him as they play pool.

While he isn’t her biological father, he is the one who helped raise her. He was married to her mom, and Life After Lockup viewers met him when Brittany and Marcelino went to Alaska.

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It’s clear she is worried about his reaction when she reveals that her bio dad reached out to her via email, telling her he wanted to get to know her and her children.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding what happened with Brittany’s dad, as she only knows what her mom told her. Obviously, her life wasn’t easy growing up with her mom, so she questions what it would have been like with her dad.

Check out what Brittany and her dad discuss in the exclusive Life After Lockup sneak peek below.

My Biological Father Reached Out! ? Life After Lockup

Be sure to tune in Friday night to see how it all plays out.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WeTV.

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