Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan don’t want Phaedra Parks on Real Housewives of Dubai

Phaedra Parks
Would Phaedra Parks be a good fit for RHODubai? The cast says no. Pic credit: @phaedraparks/Instagram

Phaedra Parks was a fan favorite during her seven seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and fans were shocked when she was fired from the show.

She was let go by Bravo unceremoniously amid many allegations that she accused co-star and former friend Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, of attempting to drug and sexually assault Housewife Porsha Williams.

After that, fans turned on Phaedra and weren’t sure if they could welcome her back onto their screens once more. That is until she signed on to star on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, the Ex-Wives Club, which is airing now on Peacock.

Viewers were reminded of Phaedra’s one-liners and quick wit and now wonder if it is a good time for Phaedra to make a comeback to Bravo.

With the combination of her hilarious stint on RHUGT and a guest spot on Real Housewives of Dubai this season, fans are calling for her to be a full-time Housewife again.

But do the ladies of the desert agree? Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan think Phaedra is best left on her own.

RHODubai stars Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan are not looking for new cast members

Phaedra is in the process of buying a home in the UAE, and she was asked if there was a possibility of her joining the cast of RHODubai. “Now that, is a possibility. That is a strong possibility,” Phaedra revealed of switching casts. “You’ve got to run with people who are obviously running with the same purpose and destination.”

She is good friends with Caroline Brooks, and Phaedra joining the group would be organic as she has already met the cast when she visited this season. But Ayan and Lesa aren’t feeling so welcoming.

Chanel admits, “I think she needs to find her own show, we are good where we are. That’s my personal opinion.”  

Straight and to the point. There was no indication that Chanel didn’t like Phaedra for any reason, but it appears that she is not looking for new co-stars.

Lesa adds, “We love Phaedra, she’s nice and stuff, but I think she’s more Ultimate Girls Trip and the shows that she’s doing.”

Chanel elaborated, “Yeah, not ours. Sorry, Phaedra. You can only show up and say, ‘Hello.’ That’s more than enough.”

Phaedra Parks has no interest in re-joining Real Housewives of Atlanta

Now that she is enjoying a successful TV comeback on RHUGT, fans wonder if she would ever join her old friends on RHOA. But she said that she is just not interested, even if she is asked.

Phaedra said, “I have made it clear, that’s not what I want to do.” Maybe she caught wind of how Kandi would feel about her return.

Phaedra has clearly enjoyed the camaraderie of being in an ensemble cast and revealed she made many new friends during her time filming RHUGT in the Berkshires last year. She formed a great bond with Brandi Glanville, who said she wants to have a dating show with Phaedra.

Phaedra is still single, having divorced Apollo Nida in 2017 after his release from prison. She and Apollo share two boys; Ayden, 12, and Dylan, 9.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 2 is now streaming on Peacock and The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Robyn G Bolle
Robyn G Bolle
9 months ago

Nor do I. Her voice and antics are so annoying!