Leroy and Kam of The Challenge reveal they had strategy to prevent Double Agents competitor from winning a Gold Skull

kam williams and leroy garrett in double agents episode 6 recap video
Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett talked about Double Agents strategy in a recap video. Pic credit: iAmKamiAM/YouTube

Power couple Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams have been making moves on The Challenge: Double Agents, even though they’re not actual teammates in the game.

In just the first episode, they were part of a plan to get rid of former champions, and it worked, to a degree.

They recently revealed that they had another strategy in mind after that first elimination, though, and it involved preventing a veteran star from winning.

Double Agents power couple formed strategy against Double Agents competitor

In Double Agents, most competitors are doing what they can to form alliances, get rid of other competitors, and keep themselves alive in the game. There’s plenty of lying, manipulation, and backstabbing, as viewers have seen in the episodes.

As for Kam and Leroy, they were in a committed relationship heading into Season 36, so they were going to be working together so one or both of them could win. That meant forming plans to take out former winners as quickly as possible.

In Episode 1, Kam got others to listen to her master plan to try to get rid of a strong team. With Aneesa Ferreira and Fessy Shafaat as the power couple, Kam suggested they send Chris “CT” Tamburello into elimination with Ashley Mitchell. Then, the house could vote in another former champion, which they did, with Wes Bergmann and his partner, rookie Natalie Anderson.

The plan worked, but only to a certain degree. TJ Lavin announced it was a female elimination in that first episode, so Wes and CT were safe. Meanwhile, two-time winner Ashley Mitchell lost to former Survivor winner Natalie. So Ashley was eliminated, at least for a few episodes.

Kam and Leroy weren’t done making CT a target. Their next plan involved a new strategy, though.

Based on comments in their Episode 6 recap (below), Leroy said they wanted to do all they could to prevent CT from going into elimination to earn his Gold Skull. They also wanted him to have Tula “Big T” Fazakerley as his partner because they felt she might hold CT back from winning daily missions and gaining power.

Not only that, Kam revealed even more of the strategies she used with Double Agents, including a notebook where she was trying to map out alliances and how the majority votes would go. It goes to show just how devoted she is to try to win the game.

Kam and Leroy have been strong in Season 36

Many viewers already knew of Leroy and Kam’s Challenge history and their achievements over the seasons they’ve been on. While neither of them has won a final, Kam has shown herself to be savvy when it comes to strategies for playing the game. Leroy has been strong with alliances but failed to win it all.

Kam’s also strong in eliminations and proved it again on Episode 6, pushing her record to 8-2. That’s when the Double Agents’ Theresa Jones and Jay Starrett voted to send Kam into elimination to take out Ashley Mitchell. That worked but also backfired on Jay and Theresa since they didn’t let the teams going to elimination in on the plan.

In Episode 7, Leroy and Kam got revenge against Jay and Theresa for their scheming. Since Leroy and teammate Kaycee Clark won the daily mission, they were the Double Agents team. Kam spoke against Theresa at the house deliberation and was able to sway others to vote against Jay and Theresa.

The result was Jay and Theresa went into elimination, but it was a men’s event. Leroy volunteered himself to go in and dominated a Fire Escape event to eliminate Jay from the game. Now both Leroy and Kam are amongst competitors with Gold Skulls, while CT has yet to get his.

Their plans appear to be working so far as long as they can maintain some power or strong alliances with others in the game. However, CT is no slouch either when it comes to winning the show, so it should be interesting to see if and how he earns a Gold Skull.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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