LaToya Ali throws more shade at Drew Sidora after her castmate unfollows her on social media

LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora continue to shade each other on social media.
LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora continue to shade each other on social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomers Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali continue to exchange jabs on social media even after Drew unfollowed LaToya.

A Real Housewives fanpage captured LaToya’s tweets in response to Drew unfollowing her soncial media.

“Omg Drew unfollowed me. Does anyone have a tissue?” Latoya tweeted along with laughing emojis.

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LaToya also live-tweeted while RHOA was airing Sunday night. She did not hold back at slinging insults Drew’s way– which is likely what caused Drew to unfollow her.

“Your husband don’t care about you,” LaToya tweeted in response to Drew calling LaToya out for her separation during the episode.

LaToya then addressed how she shadily offered to buy Drew a wig after dragging Drew’s quarantine wig throughout the course of the season.

“I was just trying you help guys but I’ll leave it alone,” LaToya wrote.

Drew claps back at LaToya’s social media digs

Drew has stayed true to fashion and expressed her thoughts on the matter on social media.

Even though she no longer follows LaToya, this doesn’t mean she’s not going to talk about her on Twitter.

Another Real Housewives fanpage captured Drew’s shady tweets directed at LaToya.

During her live-tweeting, LaToya shaded Drew for her #1 fan and autograph diss.

Drew tweeted, “Shout out to my number one fan.”

“#1 fan and only fan,” LaToya replied.

Drew also shaded LaToya by comparing their careers.

“Check my resume and it is still growing,” Drew wrote.

In a separate tweet, she added, “While I am over here upgrading myself you’re doing what?”

Drew Sidora throws more shade at LaToya Ali.
Drew Sidora throws more shade at LaToya Ali. Pic credit: @peachreportdaily/Instagram

Why Drew and LaToya don’t get along

LaToya and Drew got off to a rough start when they first met, and their relationship only got worse as the season went on.

The two met at Cynthia’s place, Lake Bailey, for a wine tasting.

LaToya jokingly said she didn’t like Drew because of the version of herself that she played on The Game, but many feel that LaToya wasn’t actually kidding.

The two also got into it when LaToya expressed that she was seeing other men while she and her husband were separated.

LaToya continued to shade Drew’s wig behind her back calling it a pet and even naming it “Drewisha.”

When word got back to Drew, she was not pleased. She came for LaToya during the South Carolina trip by dissing her marriage.

This lead to an altercation between the two women increasing tension to its ultimate height.

The two women then issued fake apologies during dinner. LaToya offered to get Drew a new wig while Drew presented LaToya a signed autograph and called LaToya her number one fan.

It doesn’t like Drew and LaToya will be friends anytime soon.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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