Lance Bass supports Joe Amabile as next The Bachelor lead — Here’s why

Joe Amabile in Paradise.
Lance Bass is here for Joe Amabile as the next Bachelor lead. Pic credit: ABC

After hosting a week of Bachelor in Paradise, Lance Bass is here to vouch for Joe Amabile for the next Bachelor lead.

Grocery Store Joe has become a fan-favorite among Bachelor Nation, with his intentions always being to find true love. Fans thought that would happen when in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, he met Kendall Long.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last, and he is back for Season 7 to try and find another genuine connection.

Joe Amabile the next Bachelor?

If Lance Bass’s opinion counts, Joe would be the next Bachelor lead. As the Bachelor in Paradise guest host got to know Joe Amabile, it was clear he was there for the right reasons.

He told Us Weekly, “Oh, yes. I love Grocery Store Joe. He was so sweet, and he reminds me of so many of my exes that have that anxiety.”

Elaborating more, Lance said, “I think he’s just super sweet, and he really deserves love. I do not know if he finds love because, unfortunately, I was only there for a week.”

Rumors have circulated that Greg Grippo would be the next Bachelor lead, which didn’t sit well with Bachelor Nation. It has been said that the person has already been chosen, so Lance pulling for Joe Amabile may be all for nothing at this point.

Does Joe Amabile find love during Bachelor in Paradise?

Currently, Joe Amabile is getting to know Serena Pitt. She was on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and appeared to be vibing with him quite well. There have been a few anxious moments between them, like when Thomas showed up and tried to win over Serena and take her from Joe, but luckily, she wasn’t into it.

On this season, Joe appears to be trying out a more rugged look as several viewers compared his look to that of someone who may be trying out for Survivor. They weren’t wrong, though. His hair is much longer this time around, and he appears to be enjoying the castaway beach look.

As for whether Joe Amabile would be available for the next season of The Bachelor, that remains unclear. Since filming ended for Bachelor in Paradise, it appears he may still be seeing Serena Pitt. The two have been spotted in Chicago spending time together.

Here’s to hoping Grocery Store Joe has found his forever love.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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