Joe Amabile struggles on Bachelor in Paradise, viewers say he looks like he’s auditioning for Survivor

Joe Amabile on The Bachelor couch.
Joe Amabile is vibing with Serena Pitt on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Are viewers watching Bachelor in Paradise or a trial for Survivor? That’s the question some fans have after seeing Joe Amabile on Season 7 of the show.

Paradise carries mixed emotions for Grocery Store Joe as this is where he met Kendall Long. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last, and now Joe is back to look for love within the franchise again.

Serena Pitt is vibing with him, but when Thomas arrived and made a move, Joe was worried about whether the connection he had with would be lost.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers weigh in on Joe Amabile’s appearance

After a year without Bachelor in Paradise, viewers are tuning in to see Season 7 and noticing all the details.

Joe Amabile is looking more like a castaway these days as he spends time out on the beach while at the resort in Mexico.

One viewer wrote, “Looking like Joe is auditioning for Survivor after this,” and even included a photo.

That tweet got plenty of attention and agreement from Bachelor in Paradise viewers. And, that wasn’t the only viewer who noticed that about Joe.

Another tweet read, “I love that Joe just looks like he’s been living on a deserted island for weeks”

Bachelor in Paradise comment about Joe Amabile.
Pic credit: @BarstoolFran/Twitter

It appears to be widely accepted that Grocery Store Joe was channeling Survivor on Bachelor in Paradise.

Will Joe Amabile end up with Serena Pitt?

As Joe Amabile moped around when Serena Pitt left with Thomas, viewers wondered what would happen between the two moving forward.

Thankfully, Serena wasn’t interested in Thomas, and things with Joe can move forward. Of course, what would this season of Bachelor in Paradise be without some spoilers?

It appears that Joe and Serena have something special. It is reminiscent of his relationship with Kendall Long, but it may be the real deal this time around.

Grocery Store Joe has a lot to offer, and his dedication to finding real love is admirable. Serena is a good fit for him, and it’s hinted the two will leave Paradise together.

Despite the drama happening on the show, it looks like the love connections are happening after a year without the show. Joe Amabile is bringing the conversation, too, especially with his Survivor look.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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