Victoria Larson shared her secret to slimming down after scolding Bachelor in Paradise viewers for noticing

Victoria Larson on Bachelor in Paradise.
Victoria Larson isn’t here for the critique over her body on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation fans have noticed the change in Victoria Larson since she debuted on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

She didn’t win his heart after being sent home in week four, and now, she is back to try and find love in Bachelor in Paradise.

Her over-the-top antics and self-proclamation of being the “Queen” was enough to draw plenty of criticism, and now that she is blonde and calling herself a “Goddess,” viewers are paying attention.

Bachelor in Paradise slim down for Victoria Larson

It has been several weeks since Victoria Larson’s transformation was debuted on Instagram. She was barely recognizable, so viewers took it all in when she popped up on Bachelor in Paradise.

After Monday night’s Season 7 premiere, viewers kept talking about how slim Victoria looked and how toned she appeared to be while wearing a swimsuit on the beach.

The reality TV personality took to Instagram to talk about that and share her thoughts on what viewers said.

Victoria wrote, in part, “First of all i seriously wasn’t in bad shape before, we all have days where we are bloated or don’t look our best and I’m kind to my body during those times. We also were in a world wide pandemic and no I wasn’t at my most toned but I was happy and healthy. Society needs to stop making people think that skinny is better. I used to be super skinny but I was taking a ton of adderall so I really focused on emotional, mental and spiritual health.”

She isn’t here for all of the critiques of her body, especially in this world. However, she has made it a point to appear on reality TV, which comes with plenty of criticism. Victoria should know that, especially after how things went while she competed for Matt James’ heart.

Will Victoria Larson find love in Paradise? [Spoilers]

It appears that redeeming herself during Bachelor in Paradise isn’t in the cards for Victoria Larson. Spoilers indicate that she will be eliminated following the first rose ceremony.

For the first elimination, the men will give the roses to the women they want to spend more time with. Victoria didn’t stand out, and if she did, it was likely due to the antics she displayed on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

Unfortunately for her, Wells Adams will be the one seeing her out of Paradise and back into the real world.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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