Laguna Beach cast reunites with Kristin Cavallari — Here’s why

Kristin Cavallari close up
Kristin Cavallari reunited with her former Laguna Beach castmates to promote the newest Uncommon James collection. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kristin Cavallari is going back, baaaack to the beginnnning. Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars allll aligned.

That’s right, any true millennial will remember the theme song to this early aughts favorite: Laguna Beach!

Some of the cast members reunited to support Kristin Cavallari for an ad promoting the newest collection in her Uncommon James jewelry brand repertoire.

The new collection, aptly named Back to Laguna, features pieces that were favored by people on the show and high schoolers in general during that period when MTV was at its peak.

All the Small Things by Blink-182 played in the background as Kristin sat on the bleachers of a high school football stadium in what appeared to be one of her most iconic outfits on the show.

She wore a short denim skirt, a black top, and a black choker necklace that is featured in the new collection. Even her short blonde bob, which is usually worn in natural beach waves, was straightened in a side part that Kristin had previously rocked during the show.

Kristin Cavallari and the Laguna Beach cast members reunited for the new Uncommon James collection

While Kristin is busy writing, her friends show up, and they are none other than Jessica, otherwise known as the one completely obsessed with her boyfriend Jason Wahler, and Alex Murrel, who came between them at one point.

Later on, viewers were treated to even more cast members, including Stephen Colletti (who hosts the Back to the Beach podcast with Kristin) and Talan Torreriero.

The group looked like no time had passed as they joked around behind the scenes, laughed, and even skateboarded in the hallways of a high school.

Even with all the drama that went down between some of them, it looks like they have all matured and moved past any petty issues that happened.

The Back to Laguna collection features pieces from the early-aughts

The new Back to Laguna collection from Uncommon James features all the popular jewelry seen on Laguna Beach, as well as pieces that were often seen on teenagers in 2004, like chokers, beads, and lots of color.

The most “Kristin” piece is the Long Cord Choker, which she wore in the advertisement, and features several black cords with a piece coming straight down; it costs $42.

Of course, there are tons of hot pink pieces, including the Nudist Earrings that cost $62 and the Tube Hoop Earrings for $52.

But, so far, the best-selling piece is the Blush Enamel Heart Necklace. Like the name, a pink cartoon-like heart hangs off a gold chain; it costs $58.

Keep an eye on the Uncommon James website as they put out new collections often.

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