Kristin Cavallari promotes new Uncommon James collection with a throwback theme

Kristin Cavallari close up
Kristin Cavallari showed off her toned tummy to promote the new Uncommon James collection. Pic credit: ©

Kristin Cavallari is not afraid to admit that she got her start on a reality show, as she has taken that fame and channeled it into several successful businesses.

To date, one of her most thriving ventures is Uncommon James, a jewelry brand she started in 2017 with a flagship store in Nashville, Tennesee.

While many former reality stars shy away from their roots, Kristin has recently put them from and center with her new collection Back to Laguna.

Naturally, inspired by her first show Laguna Beach, the pieces are all based on throwback jewelry from when the show ran between 2004 and 2006.

Each piece represents the early-naughties looks millennials loved, including choker necklaces, hot pink, and beads.

Kristin posed for the new collection in bright white high-waisted trousers that emphasized her famous golden glow, paired with a white bra top that had a dotted pattern throughout.

Her hair has not changed much since her Laguna Beach days, as she had it styled in short, blonde beach waves that were naturally thrown to one side.

Kristin posed in front of a rustic white building, looking like she was on vacation in Mexico, and stared confidently at the camera with a hand on her hip.

Kristin Cavallari posing in a white bra top and white pants
Kristin Cavallari promoted the new Back to Laguna collection for Uncommon James. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

Kristin Cavallari launched the new Back to Laguna collection with Uncommon James

Next to Kristin was a funny phrase that would take any viewer of Laguna Beach right back to their MTV days. It said: “We’re bringing 2004 back with trends that are definitely not dunzo!”

Any fan of the show will remember the time her car broke down, and Kristin shouted, “My car is dunzo!”

The new Back to Laguna collection features one of Kristin’s most popular looks from the show; the Long Cord Necklace that costs $42 and, like its name, is a long black cord that wraps around the neck with a piece coming straight down.

Also part of the new collection is the Beaded Shell Necklace with rainbow beads and a little gold shell charm; it costs $52.

Kristin hosts the Back to the Beach podcast with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti

The Back to Laguna collection is hot off the heels of Kristin’s podcast Back to the Beach, which she hosts with her ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti.

The pair rewatch old episodes of Laguna Beach while giving their opinions and commentary, breaking down behind-the-scenes tidbits, and interviewing past cast members.

The pair are currently on Season 2 of the show and recently wrapped up the famous fiesta party in which Kristin was seen kissing her friend Jessica’s crush.

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