Kyle Richards reveals which cosmetic procedure she had done after RHOBH fans notice she looks different

kyle richards surgery
Kyle Richards said that she did have nose surgery after fans kept asking why her face looked different. Pic credit: @kylerichards18/Instagram

Kyle Richards is opening up about her recent cosmetic surgery after Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans started asking why she looks so different lately.

They noticed that her nose looked different and kept asking if she got plastic surgery done.

Kyle decided to share more on her Instagram Stories. On October 30, she revealed that she fixed her nose.

Kyle said that she broke her nose last September. A bone was poking out and it bothered her.

She did receive plastic surgery to fix her nose. She says the surgery refined the tip of her nose and fixed her breaking problems.

Kyle Richards reveals she had surgery to fix a broken nose

She was experiencing breathing problems ever since she broke her nose.

kyle richards nose
Pic credit: @kylerichards18

Kyle regularly experiences anxiety, so having breathing problems was probably not helpful!

The RHOBH star said that she would always tell her fans the truth. She could be suggesting that some Real Housewives cast members deny plastic surgery even after it is clear that something was done.

Kyle also admitted that she found some of the comments about her nose funny.

This isn’t the first cosmetic procedure that Kyle has had done. She said that last year she received laser treatment along with PRP (platelet-rich plasma facials).

She says that both treatments help her to achieve younger-looking skin.

While Kyle probably wants to stay young looking for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is also working on movies again.

The 51-year-old recently reprised her role as Lindsey Wallace in the new Halloween franchise film.

The movie is called Halloween Kills and will be released next year. She starred alongside friend Jamie Lee Curtis.

Kyle said she touches up her roots at home

While Kyle relies on procedures and fancy treatments to stay young, she uses products just like the rest of us too.

She recently shared several sponsored videos of herself using Clairol root touch up products.

Some fans doubted that she uses a boxed hair product, but Kyle claims that she does in between hair appointments.

Especially in 2020, it isn’t always easy to leave the house to get your hair done. When salons were closed, celebrities had to do their hair at home just like us!

What do you think about Kyle’s new nose? Do you appreciate her being honest about her procedures?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.