Lindsay Wallace in Halloween Kills: Kyle Richards to reprise role for horror sequel

kyle richards to reprise lindsay wallace role in halloween kills sequel film
Kyle Richards will return as Lindsay Wallace in the sequel Halloween Kills! in 2020. Pic credit: ABC

There will be Lindsay Wallace in Halloween Kills! The former actress who portrayed the character in the horror film will reprise the role, based on the latest reports. With Wallace’s return, it makes for a second character from the original film to appear in the newer movies about serial killer Michael Myers.

Who is Lindsay Wallace in Halloween Kills?

The original Halloween film from John Carpenter had Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode babysitting two children. One of those children was named Lindsay Wallace. Actress Kyle Richards played the role and is going to return for the upcoming sequel, Halloween Kills! according to MovieWeb’s report.

Richards appears as Lindsay in the clip below known as the “Laundry Room scene.”

Kyle Richards, now 50, is currently known as a member of the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, she has many additional acting credits beyond the 1978 Halloween film. Other roles have included TV show gigs including 7th Heaven, Days of Our Lives, CSI, and Beverly Hills 90210. She also played a prominent role as Nurse Dori Kerns on NBC’s ER for 21 episodes.

By the way, the other kid that Strode babysat was Tommy Doyle. In the original film, actor Brian Andrews played him. However, Anthony Michael Hall will take on the Tommy role for the Halloween Kills movie.

It’s believed that the movie Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers also featured Lindsay Wallace. However, in that film, it was Leslie R. Rohland playing the character named “Lindsay” who was supposedly an Easter egg paying homage to the original film.

What else is known about the Halloween Kills movie?

In the 2018 reboot sequel, we saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as Jamie Lee Strode. The film was set 40 years after the original with Michael Myers having been apprehended and kept in a maximum-security prison all that time. He escapes and Strode is in full-on revenge/survival mode. In a spoiler alert, she believes she traps him in a special basement cell and burns him alive, but viewers learn that’s not the reality.

Back in September of last year producer Jason Blum said they’d bring out a sequel if the 2018 movie performed. It did to the tune of $255.5 million off a $10M budget. Danny McBride helped with the writing of the 2018 film and is involved again with the sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis will return as Laurie Strode. The men who portrayed Michael Myers in the 2018 film also return as actor James Jude Courtney will handle the bulk of the work and Nick Castle will do some scenes as the psycho killer as well.

Blumhouse’s Halloween Kills has a slated release date of October 16, 2020, with another sequel called Halloween Ends on October 15, 2021.

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