Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider vacationing together in Hawaii after Big Brother 24

Alyssa Happy BB24
Alyssa Snider played on Big Brother 24 in Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 couple Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider are vacationing together in Hawaii and posting about it on social media.

According to an Instagram Live that Kyle just had, the pair just got finished diving with sharks. He stated that they saw seven tiger sharks and that they were underwater without a cage.

Next on the agenda was for them to swim with turtles in Hawaii, and we expect to see some great photos from that experience in the near future.

Recently, Kyle and Alyssa reunited in Florida, meeting up for the first time since they had parted ways after Big Brother 24 came to a close.

After being involved in a showmance during the Big Brother 2022 season, they broke up before the season came to an end.

When he was heading to Florida for the reunion, Kyle posted a TikTok that became his most successful post on the site to date. It started up some rumors that the former showmance was about to become a couple in the real world.

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider vacationing together

After having a lot of fun in St. Augustine together, Kyle and Alyssa each took to social media to post about their adventures — and they each teased their followers about the upcoming trip to Hawaii that is now taking place.

“We had so much fun in St. Augustine this past week! Boat tours, candle making (not our favorite because we both left with headaches?), late night snack runs, pirate museum, and meeting tons of friendly people that are fans of the show!” Alyssa captioned her photos.

“Next trip is Oahu, Hawaii. Comment some things we should do!” she added.

Kyle posts to TikTok from Hawaii

This past weekend, Kyle posted a new video to TikTok where he and Alyssa used a voiceover to explain what they were feeling “in the moment.” It is a joke in reference to the way that they played Big Brother.

Since it’s clear that they have the cameras close by on this latest adventure, we expect to see a few photo dumps taking place on social media when they return to the lower 48.


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