Kit Keenan says Natasha Parker’s older boyfriend was her parents’ friend

Natasha Parker and Kit Keenan
The Bachelor alum Kit Keenan reveals how she knew Bachelor in Paradise star Natasha Parker before joining Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Kit Keenan revealed how she knew Natasha Parker before joining Bachelor Nation.

She expressed that she had a mutual connection with Natasha — one that Natasha even mentioned on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

During an interview with Nick Viall that was uploaded to TikTok, Kit revealed how she knew Natasha prior to the show.

“I have known Natasha [since] before I went on the show. In the first episode when she’s talking to Kenny and she’s like, ‘The oldest guy I’ve dated is 50-something,’ that’s my parents’ friend she’s talking about,” she revealed.

She admitted that it was tough to see Natasha clash with Brendan Morais and Pieper James on Bachelor in Paradise since she bonded with Pieper during her time on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor.

She admitted, “So I’m definitely in a tough situation with this one.”

The Bachelor alums Kit Keenan and Bri Springs weigh in on Brendan and Pieper drama

Kit and Bri sat with Nick to weigh in on the drama that their friend Pieper got herself involved in during her time on Bachelor in Paradise.

Kit expressed, “I don’t know what [Brendan and Pieper’s] relationship was before they went on the show.”

However, she implied that she wasn’t bothered by the fact that they started dating before appearing on the summer spinoff series. Rather, she wasn’t cool with Natasha being thrust into it.

“I think [the problem was] how Brendan talked about Natasha after the fact,” Kit shared.

Bri seemed to have a somewhat different take. She implied that she, and nearly everyone else, had to have known that something was going down between Pieper and Brendan.

“I think everyone in Bachelor Nation knew that they had seen each other,” she told Nick Viall. “That they had hung out several times because there was a bunch of people in that group. It kind of sounds like maybe there was some miscommunication of both of their parts before they left about what their relationship fully was.”

Bri also agreed that Brendan could’ve handled his situation with Natasha a little better.

“He was leading [Natasha] on, in a way where she could have perceived that he was into her. The way he went about it was not very clear,” Bri stated.


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How the drama with Natasha, Brendan and Pieper played out on Bachelor in Paradise

Natasha, Brendan, and Pieper found themselves in a complicated love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Natasha and Brendan had been coupled up, but rumors began to surface that he had been seeing Pieper just ahead of filming for Bachelor in Paradise and that they were even dating.

He minimized those claims to Natasha and told her they had only seen each other two times.

However, once Pieper arrived, she was under the impression that she and Brendan were an item and that everyone knew that.

Brendan explained he had to essentially go along with his relationship with Natasha so that he could stay on the island by the time Pieper would arrive.

The truth began to come out as Pieper said they had hung out around 10 times before BIP, including the day before they left for filming.

Natasha was hurt by how Brendan lied to her about seriously pursuing a relationship, and especially with how annoyed he was by her devastation.

The way Brendan treated Natasha, and Brendan and Pieper seemingly being there for fame, led to everyone else on the island pressuring them to leave.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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