Natasha Parker speaks out about the worst part of Brendan and Pieper’s Bachelor in Paradise betrayal

Natasha Parker on Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise star Natasha Parker explains what hurt her the most when it came to Brendan Morais blindsiding her with his and Pieper’s relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Natasha Parker reveals what upset her the most after Brendan Morais left her for Pieper James.

Natasha expressed that the worst part for her was that she felt Brendan disrespected her and didn’t think about how sticking it out for Pieper would affect her.

“Honestly the disregard for a human [was the worst part]. The disregard for me. He literally told her, ‘I had to do things and navigate things in a way to stay here.’ And clearly, I was the casualty,” Natasha told ET. “There was never a, ‘Well, how do you think Natasha feels?’ and, ‘Well, what about Natasha?’… That was the most shocking, awful thing, in my opinion.”

Natasha felt that she had put a genuine effort toward their relationship and was hurt when she learned that he not only didn’t feel the same way about her but did it just to gain popularity.

“I had been nothing but so sweet to this man,” she added. “All the little conversations that him and I have had about life, about love, about our families, all the deep things that we talked about, was just for followers? Was just to wait for this person to come? It just felt very empty. I didn’t think that’s what that was.”

How Brendan betrayed Natasha on Bachelor in Paradise

Brendan linked up with Natasha right at the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise.

While their relationship was slow-moving, Brendan reportedly told Natasha it was because of his divorce and she believed him.

However, after Brendan’s disastrous date with Demi Burnett, rumors started to circulate that he was dating Pieper James ahead of Bachelor in Paradise.

Natasha confronted him on these rumors, but he insisted that he had only hung with Pieper twice and hadn’t had as deep of conversations as he did with Natasha on BIP.

When Pieper entered, she waltzed right up to Brendan and gave him her date card without talking to any of the other men.

During their date, Brendan admitted he was just using Natasha to stick around so he could be with Pieper when she arrived.

When confronted by Natasha, Pieper was much more willing to admit how serious she and Brendan were. She admitted that she and Brendan hung out about ten times before Bachelor in Paradise and that she came there specifically for him.

Justice was served for Natasha Parker on Bachelor in Paradise

Eventually, the other Bachelor in Paradise contestants turned against Brendan and Pieper.

Brendan initially tried to defend himself but eventually forfeited. He and Pieper left the island, on what he called “his own terms.”

Meanwhile, since Natasha invested all of her efforts into Brendan, she feared she would be sent home during the upcoming rose ceremony.

Fortunately, Wells requested production to bring down an extra rose to save Natasha and give her another chance.

Natasha became hopeful when Dr. Joe Park arrived on the island and took Natasha on a date.

However, Joe is Brendan’s best friend so things got tense when Natasha brought him up.

While this doesn’t seem like a love connection, Bachelor Nation is hoping Natasha will find the love she deserves on Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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