Bachelor in Paradise: Will Brendan Morais ruin Natasha Parker’s chance at love with Dr. Joe Park too?

Joe Park and Brendan Morais in suits
Joe Park develops a positive connection with Natasha Parker after Brendan Morais nearly ruins her experience. Pic credit: ABC

Natasha Parker has had a whirlwind experience on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

First, Natasha was played and manipulated by Brendan Morais, and then she was swept off her feet by Brendan’s best friend and lovable fan favorite, Dr. Joe Park. 

With such a turn of events, Bachelor in Paradise fans had a lot to say about both Brendan’s necessary exit and Joe’s refreshing entrance — but, of course, there’s a catch.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers happily bid goodbye to Brendan Morais 

Brendan Morais somehow managed to dig himself into an even deeper hole on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Brendan’s aggressive defensiveness didn’t sit well with the cast nor Bachelor in Paradise viewers, who were very happy to be done with Brendan and see him and Pieper finally leave paradise for good. 

One tweet demonstrated how satisfying it was to watch Brendan get called out by the cast after trying to slip under the radar during the Chris and Alana drama.  The tweet read, “Me watching the entire beach come after Brendan FINALLY.”

Along with Brendan’s disparaging comments about Natasha, he also made disrespectful comments towards other women in the cast. Bachelor Nation was particularly appalled when Brendan rudely referred to the women confronting him as “disgruntled females”. 

A Bachelor in Paradise viewer took note of the misogynistic term and tweeted, “‘Disgruntled females’ it’s all in the language! Brendan has gotta GO!”

After Brendan and Pieper’s heated exchange with the cast, they eventually decided to leave paradise together, and a commenter posted a witty tweet about how victorious it felt to see Brendan and Pieper booted out of Mexico. 

The commenter wrote, “Brendan and Pieper went home.” with a picture of Kamala Harris telling Joe Biden, “We did it, Joe” a clever play on the fact that Joe Amabile played a part in confronting Brendan and Pieper and getting them to leave paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers were clearly over Brendan and more than ready for him to be off the show, with one Bachelor in Paradise fan suggesting the trash took itself out in their tweet.

Dr. Joe Park takes Natasha Parker out on a date 

With Brendan and Pieper gone, Natasha was ready to have a second chance at love in paradise and that opportunity came with the arrival of fan-favorite Dr. Joe Park. 

Joe Park was already beloved within the franchise and his presence on Bachelor in Paradise was a breath of fresh air as he seemed to be far more genuine than Brendan ever was when chatting with Natasha. 

Joe and Natasha had a sweet interaction with one another and both the BIP cast as well as members of Bachelor Nation were rooting for them to succeed. 

The one major complication that came up during Joe and Natasha’s date was that Joe is best friends with Brendan Morais and was very outspoken about how much he loves the BIP villain. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers knew this could be an issue, with one user tweeting, “Me watching Joe come in vs me minutes later after hearing him say “my Brendan”. 

Time will tell if Joe Park decides to stand behind his Brendan or join Bachelor Nation and become Team Natasha. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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