Kim Kardashian’s family wants her to start dating again

Kim Kardashian up close
Kim Kardashian has her family’s full support to start dating again. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kim Kardashian has been single as far as the public can tell since she split with Pete Davidson last August, but her family is hoping to change that soon.

It’s clear from the new Season 3 trailer for The Kardashians that the breakup was hard on Kim, but maybe a new romance is just what the star needs to take her mind off things.

After all, from breaking up with Pete and dealing with ex-husband Kanye West’s antics, it’s been an emotionally challenging past year for Kim.

Romance hasn’t been on the star’s mind, however, but a source says her family is encouraging her to get back out into the dating scene.

A source recently told ET, “Her family is encouraging her to get back out there again, and everyone just wants her to be happy and continue to succeed in all ways.”

Although the family is pushing for her to put herself back out there, it seems that what they all really want is just for Kim to be happy and successful — though the superstar mogul isn’t against dating again, herself.

Kim Kardashian is ready to start dating again

Earlier this month, another source told ET that Kim was ready to get back out into the dating scene herself following her unfortunate breakup.

The source revealed that she’s “open to dating again” and is “feeling good and confident, and is in a great place.”

Although she isn’t sparking any romance rumors right now, it seems likely that the mogul could have a new relationship before too long. Who she could end up with this time is a complete mystery.

However, Kim’s confidence and willingness to step back into dating is great news as it’s clear that Kim had a rough time handling her split from Pete and dealing with Kanye’s behavior over the past few years.

Kim Kardashian is still working to maintain her co-parenting relationship with Kanye West

Despite all the trouble, sources say that Kanye and Kim are doing “OK” and are still just doing their best to continue co-parenting despite some remaining arguments.

Of course, co-parenting has changed now that Kanye is married to Bianca Censori, but the main goal is still to provide the kids with a healthy co-parenting lifestyle, at least for Kim.

“Kim is doing great and just wants to move forward and be happy,” the source revealed. Hopefully, Kim can achieve this goal, and she and Kanye can continue to provide their children with the best lives possible.

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Hulu. Season 3 premieres on Thursday, May 25.

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