Kim Kardashian’s Christmas decorations are proof that 2020 has been a rough year

kim karadashian christmas decorations prove its been a rough 2020
Kim Kardashian brought out a familiar theme for her 2020 holiday decorations. Pic credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently unveiled her annual Christmas decorations to fans, leaving many confused or surprised by the simplicity, and possibly, lack of creativity for this year’s theme.

In what has been a tough year for many people, Kim took a minimalist approach to the items she used to decorate her home and brought out a look that appears to be similar to last year’s setup.

The reveal via social media has also led to reactions from fans as they poked some fun at the main Kardashian’s choice of holiday decor.

Kim Kardashian reveals Christmas decorations

The Kardashians are all about showing off their lavish lifestyle or promoting products on social media, with millions of followers often checking to see what their latest photo or video is about.

In recent weeks, that has included a look at Kim’s 40th birthday bash and the frozen video chat prank calls the family did to celebrity friends. The latter went viral due to the hilarity and craziness of the various prank victims’ reactions.

With the holiday season now here, Kim K showed fans how she decorated her home this year. She posted images and videos on her Instagram Story of the tall, sparkling white Christmas tree in her home, which actually looks pretty good.

kim k christmas tree on ig story
Kim Kardashian shows off her Christmas tree on her IG Story. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

However, it’s the other decorations that are drawing a lot of people’s attention. Kim herself has even referred to them as “Whoville,” which is the fictional town from Dr. Seuss’s holiday classic, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. People are bringing that reference back into the mix for the way Kim decorated in 2019 because it’s pretty much the same.

She shared several video clips to show off the large white structures and odd shapes set up around her home for 2020. That included a fun clip in which her daughter was hiding and playing in some of those fluffy decorations.

kim kardashian daughter on ig story with holiday decorations
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Fans following along with Kim K’s decorating style know that this minimalist look with strange white objects is nothing new.

The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians used the exact decorative theme for the 2019 holiday season. The shapes may have been slightly different or arranged differently, but the concept was the same, as shown on her 2019 Instagram post.

A Today report from 2019 indicated that the decorative theme was known as White Forest: White Christmas. The set up featured 64 “tree-like structures made of steel, wood, and MDF (plywood-like material), then covered in synthetic fur.” So they might be pretty fancy after all.

Even so, the choice probably had many people surprised or confused that Kim didn’t opt for a different look this year.

Fans react to Kim K’s holiday decorating decisions

Because Kim seemed to have put out very similar decorations, or the same ones as 2019, it brought plenty of fans to comment about it on social media.

On Twitter, that included people referring to how Kim’s set up reminded them of a certain feminine product.

Based on several tweets, the tampon reference was quite popular with regards to Kim’s 2020 Christmas setup.

However, at least one tweet brought a toilet paper reference into the mix to describe the decorative stylings.

At least one other Twitter user tweeted out how Kim’s decorations resemble the scratching posts people give to their cats. Only these posts are a lot bigger since they’re in a Kardashian mansion.

While the past year has been rough for many people, one has to wonder what made Kim Kardashian decide to use the same setup as 2019. After all, she was able to travel to an island with a group of friends to celebrate her 40th birthday.

It’s possible that Kim liked the 2019 style so much and her kids enjoyed playing in it, that she just brought it back. It’s also possible she had little time or inspiration to find a new decorative theme for 2020 due to other reasons.

Regardless, she’s now given fans something to talk about as they decorate their own homes and enjoy the holidays ahead of the anticipated final season of KUWTK in the new year.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns to E! in 2021.