Kenya Moore lashes out at disgusting attacks after the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore close up
Kenya Moore threw shade at her Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip co-star Ramona Singer. Pic credit: ©

Kenya took to social media to speak her truth after Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, titled Guess Who’s Coming to Blue Ridge.

After the episode aired, Kenya tweeted “I have to live in my truth. I cannot be fake for a TV show. After being dragged and seeing all disgusting attacks on me and @Kandi we weren’t even aware of… I was right #rhoa #toxic #fake”

The tweet is clearly directed at Marlo Hampton, who is finally holding a peach this season. Watching the episodes, Kenya realized Marlo had been taking digs at her in her confessionals and while talking to the other ladies.

Kenya is firm on setting boundaries and says this friendship is toxic. She doesn’t want any part of it. 

The episode opened with Kenya and Kandi having a play date for their daughters Brooklyn and Blaze. It was nice to see that loving and motherly side of Kenya.

We also got to see Kenya as a businesswoman as she shares the struggles, she’s been having to get her shipments in from China. Kandi gives some great advice to the Kenya Moore Hair Care founder. A fan tweeted they love to see the two friends talk business. Kenya retweeted it adding “Me too! More of this please producers! #rhoa”

Kenya Moore tweet about the latest episode of RHOA
Pic credit: @KenyaMoore/Twitter

However, at the end of the episode, the Kenya that we’ve seen on past seasons showed up: the shade queen. In fact, she showed up at Marlo’s Mountain trip without having confirmed her attendance. As her fans know, and as Kandi pointed out, the former Miss USA likes to make an entrance.

Kenya and Marlo clash again

Marlo planned a road trip to Blue Ridge to get away from the stress of her dealing with her nephews and sister. She wanted a chance to bond with the women. However, the trip started on a bad note as everyone except Marlo was happy to see Kenya.

Marlo was annoyed Kandi didn’t tell her Kenya was coming. She is even more upset at Kenya for showing up unexpectedly after not having the courtesy to answer her invitation. 

Kenya firmly and calmly explained to Marlo why she won’t give her another chance. She told Marlo that the so-called love she says she has for her is toxic.

She reminded Marlo of all the times she has hit below the belt, calling her a liar, doubting her pregnancy, and now doubting she was sick. Marlo doubled down and said she doesn’t believe Kenya was sick. 

Marlo gave Kenya an ultimatum

Kenya used her daughter, Brooklyn, as an excuse to not stay at the house Marlo provided for the weekend.

Marlo insisted there is enough room for everyone including Kenya’s daughter. The ladies watching the back and forth, encouraged Kenya to come and stay at the house.

The episode ended with Marlo giving Kenya an ultimatum: she can stay at the chalet with all the other women, or she is not welcome to participate in any of the planned group activities on the trip. 

Kenya takes to social media to speak her truth 

Kenya voiced her frustrations on social media. She retweeted several tweets from fans, notably one that said: “I wouldn’t want Brooklyn in the same house as crazy Marlo…”

Kenya Moore fan defends her on Twitter
Pic credit: @TwirlKingdom/Twitter

She even retweeted a tweet from @QueensofBravo saying “Marlo throws shade at Kenya’s relationship with Marc, her body, calls her a liar and then is somehow surprised when Kenya doesn’t want anything to do with her #RHOA.” 

Kenya reposted and answered “facts” to several tweets of fans backing her up and it’s clear that the drama between Kenya and Marlo is far from over.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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