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RHOA spoilers: Kenya accuses Marlo of being a fake friend

Kenya accuses Marlo of being fake.
Kenya accuses Marlo of being fake during ladies’ lunch. Pic credit: Bravo

Kenya Moore, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, made a bold move in a recent sneak peek clip and called Marlo Hampton a fake friend. 

Kenya and Marlo have worked so hard to make amends in their relationship; however, this argument just may be the final straw for the two. 

Kenya thinks that Marlo is a fake friend

In a sneak peek clip of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies gathered to have lunch, and a discussion broke out between Kenya and Marlo. 

Kenya was up in arms about Marlo vilifying the way people donate, and then the conversation spun to Marlo’s behavior in last week’s episode towards Kenya. 

Kenya was disgusted with Marlo’s behavior towards her and thought Marlo was not a good friend. 

In last week’s episode, Marlo and Kenya had planned a girls’ night in with Sheree to help Sheree get over her traumatic situation with Tyrone

Unfortunately, because Kenya was sick, she could not participate in the girls’ night. Marlo did not let Kenya slide and thought that Kenya was lying about being sick because she was in “full glam.”

Kenya said, “That’s not being a good friend, to accuse me of lying about being sick because I had makeup on my face.” 

Marlo then proceeded to tell Kenya that sometimes she should just show up regardless of how she looks and feels to encourage her peers in their time of need. 

Kenya then said, “what you need to do is stop trying to vilify me and turn people against me.” 

“What you are, is someone who pretends to be somebody’s friend, and you’re not. You can’t tell me that you want to be my friend, Marlo, because you talk s**t about me behind my back.” 

Marlo then proceeded to throw shade toward Kenya’s wig; however, Kenya was able to maintain her inner peace and not stoop to Marlo’s level to give her a proper “read.” 

Kenya and Marlo have had a rocky relationship

Kenya and Marlo had been at one another’s throats for seasons until last season when they made amends on the girls’ trip. 

However, with Marlo being so nonchalant towards Kenya about her absence for Sheree, fans can only wonder if the newly found friendship is genuine or not. 

Viewers must tune in to see if these two can get past their differences and remain cordial. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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