Katie Thurston and John Hersey may be broken up but their pets will still have play dates

Katie Thurston & John Hersey
Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s pets are still close. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram; @johnalexhersey/Instagram

Katie Thurston and John Hersey have sadly broken up, but it seems that Katie’s pet cat and John’s dog still get to hang out with each other.

It seems as if Bachelor Nation break-ups have been in the air lately, with first Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya calling it quits, and then Thurston and Hersey a couple of days later.

However, not everyone has completely broken it off cold turkey. In fact, John and Katie were seen just days after their break-up hanging out together with mutual friends.

Moreover, Katie’s cat, Tommy, and John’s dog, Dexter, have also continued to see each other after news of their owners’ split.

Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s pets will still see each other amid the break-up

In a Q&A with fans, Katie was asked how her cat and John’s dog were dealing with the split. Katie responded in her Instagram story, “They get to see each other from time to time. They’ll be hanging out together while I’m in Mexico.”

Even though Tommy and Dexter will still be seeing each other sporadically, that doesn’t mean Katie and John will be spending much time together.

This was evident in a recent Instagram photo that Katie posted, where she and Tammy Ly were on an amusement park ride at the San Diego County Fair.

She captioned the picture by saying, “I dedicate this summer to myself (sunshine emoji).” It appears Katie has no intentions of getting back with John or dating anyone else for the time being… and the next few months, according to her post.

Katie and John were together for the entire day as they hung out with mutual friends together, having fun at the fair, merely just days after they announced they were broken up.

Katie and John’s break-up

While fans have continued to speculate just what went wrong in Katie and John’s relationship, it doesn’t appear anyone has gotten any answers… and maybe no one will.

However, many fans have their own thoughts and opinions when it comes to who broke up with who, as quite a few people think it was Katie who did the breaking up.

They believe this because they feel John was too in love with her to ever call it off between them. Plus, John’s break-up message to publicly announce their split was way more in-depth and heartfelt than Katie’s four words.

While it appears that Katie and John are over for good, at least Tommy and Dexter still get to see each other in the midst of all the tension.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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