The Bachelorette fans weigh in on Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s break up

John Hersey & Katie Thurston
Fans speculate on what happened with Katie and John. Pic credit: @johnalexhersey/Instagram and @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie Thurston, former Bachelorette, and one of her former contestants turned boyfriend, John Hersey, shocked fans when they announced their break up this week.

After the news of Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya’s break up, Bachelor Nation was stunned already, and then the news of Katie and John’s split hit.

While Katie’s statement was only four words, John wrote a heartfelt message on his Instagram page to announce the split.

As nothing was said about who broke up with who and what happened between the twosome, fans were left to speculate on the relationship ending.

Fans make their assumptions about Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s break up

Since Bachelor Nation fans don’t know what exactly went down between the former duo, they have taken to their own opinions and thoughts.

Instagram account @bachelordirttt shared Katie and John’s statements in a post with the comments section becoming flooded with Bachelor Nation replies.

The first three viewers to comment were assuming that it was John who broke it off with Katie. One woman wrote, “It sounds like he ended it. That’s just my guess, though,” while another stated, “I think John broke up with Katie.”

Bachelor fans debate on whether John or Katie broke it off.
Pic credit: @bachelordirttt/Instagram

One person even claimed, using their individual statements as evidence, “Seems like John broke up with Katie. She sounds bitter. He sounds reasonable.”

Others discussed their thoughts as one declared she thinks that, at the moment, Katie was the one who broke up with John, while another stated otherwise and said, “I think he broke up with her.”

Another was definitely not Team Katie, as that particular viewer wrote, “She deserves to be alone. Blew thru the best group of men this franchise has ever seen on her season. She needs to work on HERSELF.”

Fans talk about if John or Katie broke off their relationship.
Pic credit: @bachelordirttt/Instagram

Earlier this week, John defended Katie when a social media troll wrote some rude things about her. This goes along with what one other fan declared, “Katie I think, he seemed genuinely obsessed with her..”

One person thinks that John was obsessed with Katie, so it was her who ended it.
Pic credit: @bachelordirttt/Instagram

Katie and John’s statements

Katie merely wrote, “Statement: no we aren’t together” on her Instagram post. But John went more in-depth with his statement as he thanked Bachelor Nation and wrote how he loved sharing moments of his life with them.

He then declared, “As Katie stated earlier, we are no longer dating. This decision was not made lightly, and it was obviously not an easy one to make.”

John then went on to state his appreciation for all of the fans who have supported him and his relationship with Katie since the journey began.

While fans may never know the exact reason that John and Katie broke up, maybe the truth will come out at some point.

For now, Bachelor Nation just hopes no other couples break up, as fans aren’t sure how much more heartache they can take.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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