Katie Thurston and John Hersey are now broken up

Katie Thurston and John Hersey
Katie Thurston and John Hersey are now done. Pic credit: ABC

As news broke just a couple of days ago about Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya’s split, there has been yet another Bachelor Nation break-up among us. Katie Thurston and John Hersey are no longer together.

Katie Thurston formed a relationship with her chosen winner and the man who proposed to her on the finale, Blake Moynes, however, the two called it quits soon after.

Then, not long after that split, Katie was with one of her early eliminated contestants, John Hersey. But now, unfortunately, the two have broken up less than a year after starting their relationship together.

Yesterday evening, both Katie and John released statements on their social media accounts, but John’s was a lot more straightforward than Katie’s, which left fans wondering if the news was actually true.

Katie Thurston makes a questionable statement about their split

Katie took to her Instagram stories shortly after showing a video of herself holding a tiny baby pig. In her story, she had a black background and wrote only the following: “Statement: no we aren’t together.”

Because of the lack of depth and simplicity of the one statement with nothing else following it, fans weren’t sure if she was making a joke about her and the baby pig, if it was a ploy for attention, or if she was implying she and John were no longer a couple.

Katie Thurston puts a weird statement on her IG stories that left fans wondering what she meant.
Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

John Hersey made a more detailed post about the break-up

In John’s Instagram stories, he started by saying how much he loved sharing parts of his life with Bachelor Nation.

He wrote, “I love being able to share special moments with you all– the funny ones. the happy ones. the outrageous, embarrassing, and heartfelt ones. But I don’t know if it will ever get easier to share the sad ones–.”

John then referenced Katie’s statement, as he said, “As Katie stated earlier, we are no longer dating. This decision was not made lightly, and it was obviously not an easy one to make.”

He went on to say, “I appreciate every one of you that has supported us throughout this journey. We could not (and would not) be here without you.”

John Hersey releases a statement about his break-up with Katie Thurston.
Pic credit: @johnalexhersey/Instagram

People say bad things happen in 3s; if this is true, which Bachelor Nation couple is going to bite the dust next? First Michelle and Nayte, now Katie and John… Fans can’t take much more heartbreak, so hopefully, everyone else stays together and no more bad news is released about everyone’s favorite Bachelor Nation couples.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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