Kate Gallivan breaks silence on villainous BIP portrayal, Bachelor Nation stars come to her defense

Kate Gallivan
Kate Gallivan appears to defend her decision to dump Logan Palmer. Pic credit: ABC

Kate Gallivan came under fire from viewers after slamming Logan Palmer one last time on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and now she’s speaking out.

Kate and Logan’s romance had been tumultuous ever since Kate arrived during BIP’s polarizing split week. 

Throughout their relationship, Kate disparaged Logan’s youth and lifestyle and publicly accused him of judging her during the final rose ceremony. 

After calling Logan out in front of the rest of the BIP cast, viewers quickly condemned Kate and informed her that her behavior was not seen as empowering but rather rude and off-putting. 

Kate finally broke her silence to address how she was portrayed and what went on behind the scenes. 

Kate’s friends within the franchise also spoke out to defend her, although many viewers are still not convinced that Kate wasn’t a villain of the season. 

Kate Gallivan ‘can’t stay silent’ after her BIP breakup 

Kate Gallivan suggested viewers don’t have the whole story behind her breakup decision.

Taking to Twitter, Kate acknowledged the range of reactions she’s silently had while watching the season. She wrote, “I’ve sat back and been silent and laughed, cried, and cringed with the rest of y’all this season.”

The Bachelor Nation star continued, “But I can’t stay silent on this- there were so many pivotal moments that weren’t included that ultimately lead me to make that decision. But I guess that’s showbiz baby.”

While Kate feels footage was omitted that would have helped her case, there was lots of video showing Kate speaking negatively about Logan, which made it hard for some viewers to buy her tweet. 

A commenter addressed Kate’s statement, writing that seeing Logan’s unaired moments is unnecessary since Kate’s “terrible character” was already front and center and was “simply embarrassing.”

Kate Gallivan's tweet
Pic credit: @katesgallivan/Twitter

Bachelor Nation stars defend Kate Gallivan 

With Kate’s character being called into question, several of her Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 costars spoke out in her defense. 

Jill Chin aimed to remind viewers that there is always more to the story as she shared, “Kate is a steadfast friend to many of us, and we would not keep a friend who was truly as villainous as portrayed.” 

Hunter Haag chimed in and agreed that people who tell her to hold Kate accountable “don’t even know 1/10 of the story.” 

Hunter thought the issue was that Kate’s humor and honesty didn’t translate on screen. 

Jill Chin and Hunter Haag's tweet
Pic credit: @_jillchin/Twitter, @HunterHaag/Twitter

Sierra Jackson called Kate “one of THE sweetest and most genuine people I know.” She felt confident Kate would always lend a helping hand and be there for friends. 

Sierra Jackson's tweet
Pic credit: @SierraJackzen/Twitter

Kate has broken her social media silence, and it remains to be seen if she’ll have lots more to say about her drama with Logan during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion. 

Bachelor in Paradise finale airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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